Although, I’ve been journaling on and off ever since a teenager, it was only 5 years ago that I took to committing to writing daily. Admittedly it took some time for me to fall into the rhythm of scribing a daily page of notes, but now, well into my 5th year, my day isn’t quite complete until I’ve written my one page journal entry. Yes, it has become my “good habit”.

In so many ways blogging is like journaling, and in fact, one of the definitions I found for a blog, was indeed that it was an “online journal”.

So,  if you approach blogging with the attitude that this habit will serve you well, rather than being ridden with guilt for when you don’t/can’t seem to embrace it….then it will start to flow. I’m pretty sure that I speak for many wanna be bloggers when I say that making it this good habit, like any good habit, doesn’t happen overnight. The important thing is to START…and don’t worry if you have false starts, or fall off, or get derailed, just start, and keep starting and continue starting, until you find your voice and your rhythm. It WILL come.  Put your footprint out there, and keep on keeping on, and your audience will find you.

As part of trying to figure out how you can best contribute to the blogging world, and thus how your output can contribute to drawing people to you/your business, read other blogs… take note of what you like/don’t like about them….the frequency of their posts, the timing that those posts show up in your email box, the photos they use to support their verbiage, or vice versa, their general style, where you see their posts, the template/platform they use and how easy it is to share, follow, comment. And what you think about their content and how it relates, or not, to their line of business.

It is easy to think that there are so many blogs out there, who would read yours and why. But in order to even give people a chance to decide to read/not to read, you have to put something out there, so they can make that decision. You don’t give anybody anything to read, it’s easy, you won’t have any readers. Put something out there and let them decide.

Some things that are working for me to continue keeping this as my “good habit” and might serve you as well.

1. Weekly make a list of blogs I know I want to write: On my bulletin board I have a list of 10 topics, more than I can put out in a single week,  I know I want to write about sooner rather than later. I choose from this pool.

2. Stick to a frequency that will work for you. BUT, if you’re going to blog, you really can’t do any less than one posting/week. There are many different attitudes  about frequency of blog postings and I know many that post daily, which, if this is all I did, I would happily blog along. But I, like many of you, am running a lean ship and wear many hats. I feel that if I touch my world 3 times/week by way of a blog that I’m in really great shape.

NOTE: If you only want to touch your audience monthly, a newsletter is the way to go for that. Nothing wrong with that.

3. Find the time of day that works for you to scribe your inspiration. Over time I’ve come to realize that attempting to write a blog in the morning is but a joke for me, as that is the time I need for readiness for my day, engage in the social media world (twitter/facebook) and answer all sales inquires., do general business upkeep.   I’m best to carve out time in the afternoon, or even better, in my evenings. Just a better time for all to flow.

4. Schedule Your Blog: Although I like to write late into the night, I prefer to schedule my post, easy easy to do, to go out around 7:30 in the morning. I have it set up that it automatically posts to my facebook page, and if I go into Hoote Suite, I can, in one fell swoop, post it to twitter, my facebook biz page and linked in. And, as I have a SHARE button at end of each posting I can then also easily post on relevant group walls on LinkedIn. Really, nothing like drinking your morning coffee and knowing that you are already touching people before you’ve laid hands on your keyboard.

5. It doesn’t have to be perfect….BUT, do ensure your spelling is correct AND that all your links work.

I LOVE this blogging platform that is made available for me and my business, and you should love it to. If you have an inkling to blog, then do it…make it your good habit and find your voice, and share it.  You won’t be disappointed.

Look forward to reading your blogs and knowing which blogs you like to follow and why.

It’s 9:30 Friday night…hope you enjoy this Saturday morning with your coffee 🙂