It’s Sunday and it’s raining. No, not a day for outdoor work of any kind.

Yesterday was THE day to do such, and the plan was to grab some sun while I brush hogged my back field, which, less the dodging of rocks, which it appears we “grow” in Maine, is quite relaxing. But there were issues with my tractor, and my plans were thwarted.

As is my habit when I have ‘issues” with my tractor, I call on my dear neighbor, who although doesn’t own a tractor,  is “mechanically inclined”, and does know how to approach the problem and seek a solution. Fact of the matter is that I’m not really interested in learning the mechanics of my tractor. I just want it to work and if it doesn’t work smoothly I am happy to call on outside help to help me get it back up and running. I let someone else be the expert.

For  9 years my husband and I worked the Antiques by Zaar  business together. My expertise was sales, writing, and relationship building with my customers. I was the face of the business.  He was the back end of the business,  the “expert”  I called on to crunch our numbers, manage the website,  do the buying and tend to all the “techy”  stuff. I didn’t need to know how to do these things….he did it.

However, 2 years ago my husband returned to the corporate world and I was left to run  this business, and it appeared that although I’m not a techy or numbers person that either I became one or ????

Yes, I used to write my missives, newsletters, blogs etc, and he would format them. I now do both. I now am able to, easily, move, and edit photos to the various portals I choose to post them. I now do the website updates. I now manage my finances. I now do the buying for the business. I wear ALL the hats.

Antiques by Zaar needed me to care enough for it to continue, and  thus I needed to get beyond the mental blocks of “my brain doesn’t work that way” kind of attitude. I was the one to do it, …and frankly there was never a question that I wanted to do it, the question was whether I thought I could.

My point in this whole “online diary’ missive is that if you give your brain permission to entertain the possibility of learning something you thought you couldn’t learn, that it will honor you and work that way. I know, as I am living proof of this…and, in my pre New Years blog, where I acknowledged what I was grateful for in 2010,  I included thanks to my brain for such.  I still wouldn’t call myself tech savvy or a financial wizard but I KNOW I can learn what I need to….and so can you.

Yes, I still have so very  much to learn and fine tune, but with the knowledge that if I want to do it bad enough I can, I am powered on….. Yes, Let your Brain work for you…and don’t forget to say thanks. 🙂


P.S. So, stalled with tractor yesterday, BUT did, at long last, and all by myself ,ie, didn’t call on my very tech savvy son,  added links to my email signature to further let all who do email correspondence with me  know  all that I have going on  online.. Have mimmicked here below. Not bad for a non techy person eh?

….and now back to doing what I need to do, and now know how to do, on Photo Shop for the support photos of my new inventory.


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