…was a must, after viewing the list of contributing designers, noting that there was  a hearty handful that I can call my customers/friends.

Summer of 2009 was the first time I visited the Southampton Showhouse, …  said visit incited by the fact that Designer Kat Burki was using  Antiques by Zaar pieces in the dressing room she designed, and which I simply had to go and see for myself….and from which I garnered the photo you see me use so often in my profiles, blogs and newsletters….and also  which we had additional coverage in Traditional Home….

My 2011 visit was one to see how those that I knew and respected as designers had contributed to the presentation for this annual fundraiser…, and, as is my way, seek out any Asian infusion that might be present :)…..

I wasn’t to be disappointed for as I walked into one of the guest bedrooms, as done by Tobi Fairley, who serves as my blogging inspiration, and also shares a love I have for bold colors, went full out  …which, in the curtains drew on a Far East theme, and which was repeated in the headboard, chair fabric and accent pillows.

Tilton Fenwick, Antiques by Zaar customer, such featured in this blog posting,  used an over sized Chinese  garden stool as part of their setting.

And Old Town Crossing created an outdoor space that offered a place that embodied a warm and inviting aura, using combo of glass, wrought iron, warm colored upholstered pieces, accented with delightful arrangements of cacti.

Meg Braff, who generally loves to throw in a touch of Asian in her schemas, check out my blog showcasing such,  managed a coral colored bathroom, as well as the butler’s pantry.

And, Lilian August took on the living room with grand style.

So glad I was able to work this in on my most recent trip to NYC, and happy to share with you here.


P.S. If you want a more comprehensive viewing of the showhouse, and the many rooms I didn’t include here,  there are numerous wonderful blogs documenting such.

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