It ends well when…

…I can look back at my “to do” list and see that it is “mostly” complete. And yes, I include what I plan on doing for personal as well as business side..gotta try and fit it ALL in! 

….I have “touched” each of my children, and my mother, somewhere in the course of my day, either by phone, email or text.

….I feel I have interacted effectively with those that surround me virtually.

….I have put in a good day in support of my self/my vision/my business. 

….and I have exercised. Been back burnered this summer with a sprained ligament that isn’t healing quickly 😦

I like to end it well by….

…..munching on a bowl of those colorful fruity cheerios as my nighttime snack. 🙂

….Preparing a “reasonable”  To Do list for the next day.

….Making my nightly one page journal entry.

…having a languid tub

…having my coffee prepared, so that I just have to press “on” upon rising.

….have the kitchen tidied, so as to not wake up to the mess…ok, have to admit not done as consistently as I’d like BUT yes, I do like it when I do do it.

….having a blog or newsletter prepared and scheduled to hit the airwaves as I’m having my coffee at 7:30 the next morning.

… remembering to be Grateful for the many people and opportunities that I have and continue to be Blessed with.

And by ending my days with these activities/thoughts, it simply helps me start that whole cycle over again, starting “well” the next whole new day.

Happy Monday and to Many Happy Endings and Beginnings to you all!