….for being so much a part of my sense of well being on the occasion of my 51st birthday.

I apologize for doing this in a blog, and warn that this is decidedly”gushy”,  but it seemed the ONLY way to adequately address the too numerous to count well wishes I received over the weekend….yes, on facebook!

Some of you I know quite well,…some from “other lifetimes”  and we keep abreast via face book….

Some of you I know “somewhat”/have met in person…and am getting  to know better…and we do much of that … via face book.

And many of you I know simply by the postings I see on my wall, and have yet to meet you  in “real” but in the interim, we get acquainted… yes, on face book.

Nuts and bolts is that on a daily basis I enjoy visiting/engaging on my wall, where the  prevalent tone is…positive, uplifting, supportive, affirming, inviting, and deliciously supported with many outstanding photos.

This is the “norm” and I’m always delighted by what I take in…yes, on facebook. BUT, to have that all directed straight away to me…well, was a tad overwhelming. You did it…I was rendered speechless. 🙂

adding to what I also received from my dear familywhich actually rendered me tearful (in a good way)…. I simply embraced being embraced all the day long. Yup, it was MY day!

The sun shone brightly on Sunday. I didn’t do anything “exceptional”  less drink it all in…ending the day with a delightful visit  by a handful of dear girl friends that joined with me in the eating of my beautiful, and delicious, cake…thanks to cake artist Zach, son of mine.

ALL of this, ALL of YOU, just warmed my soul….on what was the occasion of my 51st birthday…I did say that already didn’t I? You got it ???

Thanks bunches.

Hope ya’ll are having a great week. I sure am.

With great fondness and appreciation….