I have been struggling with how to capsulize the many wonderful things that transpired during the recent High Point Market, and have finally come to terms that it will simply have to come out in driblets as one posting simply would not suffice….and would be way too long for a single blog.

I choose to launch this by honing on  the absolute staying power of my little  Art Deco Desks, in particular the lime green version,  for they held as much impact in 2012 as they did back in 2006, when   featured  in this 2006  Home Accents Cover, continuing to make an impression, by the fact that not only was it “Style Spotted” this year, but also chosen as an accent piece in the C.R. Laine Showroom…

….and similarly showcased in Shane’s Collection store at 201 N Main, also in High Point. Yes, they were everywhere!

It is also popular with, ZAAR Design Center member, Designer Kat Burki, who also has a bath, body,fragrance and candle line, as she used a non matching pair so elegantly in her Southampton show house dressing room….which later were showcased in a  2010 Traditional Home article featuring  Kat and her work.

…and Antiques by Zaar customer Babette Glauner, added this pop of green when revamping her bathroom.

Similarly, would it be any surprise that in my own home, one of these fresh treasures can be found in my daughter’s bedroom, show casing her Disney globe collection?

Traci Zeller, who “Style Spotted” the art deco desk, also spoke to an audience of 40 people, on Sunday, @ ZAAR…sharing her insight and expertise on what a Social Media presence can mean for your business. How appropriate that I gifted her one  of my art deco desks, and she chose, what color, but green!

Thank you Traci. And thank you to all who continue to find charm, as there is ALWAYS space (my daughter has one in her 390 square foot studio apt in Toronto!) in the addition of my kang chest/converted to art deco desk…read about said transformation here.