2012I just went through my 2012 blogging calendar to verify what I already knew. I have been, at the best, sporadic in my blogging the entire calendar year…and no, it doesn’t make me happy to bring attention to this, but it is what it is and rather than pretend that I’ve been attentive and just roll along, I’m going to address it head on.

As I said in my October blog, I believe that as a blogger it is so much more than just opening blogdoors for your respective businesses, it is also about honestly sharing about YOU. Frankly, I tend to over share and so it is as much a surprise to me, as it may be to you, that I quieted my Voice so much this past year. And so I’ve been thinking on this and what 2012 was all about for me.

DSCN9361In my New Years Blog for 2012 , “My 3 Words”  I made mention, among other things, of the intention of getting our house sold. It was couched with many other Goals. Little did I know how that ONE would consume my entire year…and for various, not necessarily obvious reasons, get  in the way of , among other things, my blogging/sharing….not necessarily because of the real time it took to do the job but more so the emotional roller coaster I went on as I tried to stay the course of a big decision made….and only now, with the task behind me, am willing to put it out there.

The intention of this missive, aside from expounding on what was my focus  this past year…did we really expect it to sell as quickly as it did?  is to share with you an example of the magic that can happen with some specific goal setting in place, as that is what I felt happened this year. Things did line up well, and many people helped out, read about my “gifts” here, but I do believe that setting a course and the intention did help things along.

As someone shared on my Facebook wall today:

“To will is to select a goal, determine a course of action that will bring one to that goal, and then hold to that action until the goal is reached. The key is action.” Michael Hanson….and might I add belief AND the universe helping to line things up, as I said above???

zaarlogo smallGoal.  Have house Market ready for Fall 2011.  Check!

started this in the Spring, and good thing we did too…

zaarlogo smallGOAL .to have it photo ready for Thanksgiving 2011. Check!DSCN8631

ready the day before the Holiday, talk about cutting it close.

zaarlogo smallGOAL. To have one last Christmas with all the kids. Check!

...and THE warm fuzzy of course was having the Family all together.

understand a couple of the kids anticipated at least one more, after 2011, Christmas in their Maine home. I had other plans...sorry.

zaarlogo smallGOAL. To have the house show ready, not quite the same as photo ready, by the New Year. Check!

...good thing I started defrocking after Christmas ASAP, as we had our first showing Jan 5th!

zaarlogo smallGOAL .To have it Sold  by Spring/Mid Summer. Check! 

5/26, last day of Spring Market, an offer came in that we accepted. Closing date was pushed to 7/16, per my request….needed ALL that time to empty a house and barn FULL of Stuff!

zaarlogo smallGOAL. Simply to have IT all done….meaning yard sales, dumpster filling, salvation army pick ups, selling off of aruth silly

tractor, packing, purging and more packing and purging.…for said July 16th closing. Check!

again, working right to the bitter end.

zaarlogo smallGOAL.  To find a home that had the following: neighbors, no more than 45 minute drive from Amtrak station, a small private yard where I would still feel like I had nature around me, IE  not look onto my neighbors back yard, master room with tub (yes, I love my baths and no, not every master en suite has a tub!), appealing office space, 3-4 bedrooms, so as to accommodate kids when visiting, ample storage space, close proximity to a marina, and enough wall space to hang the art that we’ve gathered over the years.  Check!

….although the yard is a tad smaller than we wanted and we only have 3 bedrooms,  I feel we SCORED!

zaarlogo smallGOAL. to find a new home with above specs  by end of August. Check!

again, cut this one tight…found our new home on August 31st! Didn’t realize I had hit this goal until the end of the olbrych new houseday and made me smile when I realized I had . I had been looking since May and was getting quite discouraged and approached that day (trip # 15 i believe) with a negative nilly attitude of expecting to be again disappointed in what we would be looking at. Go figure, such would not be the case.

zaarlogo smallGOAL. to be moved in by Oct 1. Check!

had lined up temporary living in MD for 3 months. Was keen to save on that last month’s rent if I could. Closing was 9/29 and movers landed on my doorstep 10/1!

zaarlogo smallGOAL. to be unpacked and set up enough so that when I came back from October Market I wouldn’t feel I was coming to a disaster. Check!

in the course of a week all boxes, less wall art, was completely unpacked.

zaarlogo smallGOAL. to have all utilities sorted out and internet connected before hitting the road to Market. Check!

actually kind’ve messed up here, as, although I met that deadline,  I should’ve  had internet sorted out prior to actual move, but not having internet for that first week gave me the focus to unpack without distraction, and that I did.

Yes, it was hard to leave our family home of 13 years, but I do feel that it was the right decision and I do feel that I have landed well, here, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

And yes, my business was back burner ed while this was all going down. BUT, I am so grateful for the above time line, for when you look at it, IT all went along quite quickly. AND I am further grateful for the FEELING that I have, of seeing something through…that once the decision was made, and things were put in motion, that each motion acted as a stepping stone to a conclusion.

So, now. Big deep breath. I have indeed landed, and here I am, starting the new year in my new home. Settled into the home nicely but just getting my toes wet in settling into the community,  and now, READY to make a set of GOALS for my business that will bring the same magic that I experienced this past year….and THAT topic will be addressed in a separate blog posting, to follow shortly, for real!

Happy Goal Setting.

Enjoy the Magic of Seeing them realized.