2014Here it is again….the beginning of a New Year…and here I am doing what I have consistently done for the past 5 years, setting forth a blog that encapsulate’s the year prior to put into context the year forward.  Have taken time to re read these blogs and I am touched by my honesty, passion and drive that I feel consistently flying off the screen. And so, after a hiatus in writing I am hunkering down to keep this tradition alive.

IMG_0502Similarly, as I prepped to do this years annual New Year entry, I found myself re reading the January pages of my daily diary, which I am now entering year 8 in keeping, reminding me a little more succinctly of what was just a year ago. It was on that very first day of 2013 that I concluded my first entry by stating….” 2012 was a year where it  took all I had , physically and emotionally, to move from  my life in Maine, to this new life I am creating for myself now in Maryland. THE JOB (for 2013)  -to bring my Best Self to the table and to work and live with purpose, passion, compassion, love and integrity. Amen and onward.”

So, how did I do?  Well, before going there I need to couch this in the fact that what I felt  I knew for sure, was that I needed help to do this. I couldn’t do this alone and I was ok with that.  And so it was, with this  “Best Self” mission in mind I joined the band wagon of various networking/support groups that I thought would help me forward. I became a member of Jane Pollak’s Soul Proprietor Mentorship community. I attended the Savor the Success Rock the World Conference and signed up for their NYC based monthly networking/mastermind meetings. I attended the WITHIT leadership conference, I continued to receive input from my Maine and Maryland based SCORE mentors and most recently I attended the Personal Success Institute Seminar in NYC.

words woman cardAll good, being a part of these  dynamite communities, feeding off the energy, success and support of others, looking for ways to maximize myself in my life/ truly seeking to unearth what it was that I felt was holding me back from spurring myself forward to a higher plane.  And each of them offered bundles of wisdom and value, and ALL of them various forms of accountability, and new opportunities for friendship. But it just wasn’t clicking like I thought it should. Yes, I kept looking for someone to be THAT person to hold me accountable and frankly, as good willed/well intentioned/well poised each opportunity for such was, it wasn’t sticking for me. Because, I  now realize, that, in the long run,that it is I alone that have to be fully accountable to myself first and foremost. I have to want it bad enough….to Be that Best Self….to negate/change bad self inhibiting habits/point of view, to reach out to people, to ACCEPT AND ACT ON the help that is indeed offered. I had to be more intentional. I had to stop whining/thinking too much and simply DO.

And so now, with the year behind me, I ask myself this question. How did I do?  Not in straightforward fashion, but in my own zig zig zagzagged and with moments of being stalled fashion, and after truly pondering this, I can say that I really did ok.

My Personal Life: We are a package deal and having one’s personal life in order is as imperative to a successful business as is anything. And having one’s own business, one of the great benefits, is being able mom and aveto take time to do things that matter with the people that matter to you…..like going to Disney and running the Princess Half Marathon with my daughter Avery, or making a trip to Toronto specifically to support my daughter Arianna, in a fund raising event she organized/was responsible for, for the Canadian Brain Tumor Fund, or as simple as actually taking down time on weekends with my husband for outdoor activities…taking advantage of life on the Eastern Shore of MD, with biking, kayaking, boating and fishing.

New Home, New Life:  Last October moved to Maryland after being in Maine for 13 years. Need to meet new people….and hard to do when you travel as much as I do, and already having strong networks both in High Point NC and NYC. BUT with concerted effort I am making inroads to establishing a network in MD. The  Kent’s Island United Methodist Church choir is where I get my fix to sing and find my joy with a welcoming group of people.  Club One boot camp classes. FINALLY started attending classes regularly just the week before Thanksgiving…although on the brain at least since July.  6:00 am boot camp classes 3 times/week, not only offer a great work out, but also more to meeting people AND has helped to adjust my working/sleeping schedule to IMG_0342something that is simply healthier….ie, no more working until 2:00 am for me. And,  after a year  of living with antique white on IMG_0459my walls I took the time to focus on putting life into the walls of my home and filled them with COLOR, COLOR, COLOR….ALL of my favorite colors fill the walls of my home…red, purple, citrus, teal, blue and green…YUM. Further delight in opening my color drenched home for my first party in Maryland, inviting neighbors and new friends from choir/gym for a Christmas Open House. LOVE having people eat, drink and be merry in my Home…just love it.  And ended the year with the most delightful of Christmas’s  with all of my children and their significant others, gathered all around me.

That’s it, the back drop for the movement I was able to simultaneously  make, and  recognize as being made,  in what is my business life.

zaarlogo2For 13 years I have successfully been selling Chinese Antiques on line…my greatest gift is in making the prospective customer comfortable with the process and trustworthy of the company and the product they are interested in.  I continue to enjoy doing this for Antiques by Zaar, but this past year I was able to extend this expertise through yet another venue, working as US Sales rep for a British based company called Distinctive Chesterfields….an added nuance to my already busy life that keeps me more than busy and happily doing what I love most/connecting with people as I help meet a need. Add to this the ruth fb profilefact that other  business relationships that have been fostered over the years have reached a level where business is materializing, coupled with the aforementioned personal triumphs, I can honestly can say I have ended 2013 well….no  BUTS about it….bringing my “Best Self” to this New Year…no, not perfect, but a version on My Self that has evolved over this year to this place where I find myself further poised to work AND continue  living  with Purpose, Passion, Love and Integrity.

Bring it on 2014.