Since 2009 I have added to my habit of recapping my year prior, that of putting forth word(s) of “intention” for the2014 3 year forward. Again, as I reflect on how the past year panned out, keeping these stated  intentions in mind, I have come to realize that  a thread  is indeed woven throughout that year with that intention serving as anchor/backdrop for all that I have done.  It’s like an invisible thread that you aren’t always conscious of, but, as it was set, is there…if you let it be. I realized this more fully as I reread the below missives for each year…and yes, it put a smile on my face and encouraged me to continue on with this for yet another year….as it serves a relevant purpose.

Past years….2009 Responsibility.  2010 Structure and Discipline (although on recap felt that the year actualized to be “determination, ownership and accountability.” 2011 Focus, Presence, Growth. 2012 Honor, Believe, Achievable , 2013 My Best Self

….and now for 2014.

Connect:  Why Connect?

Anybody that knows me would question why I would focus on the word Connect, for as to even the casual observer, connecting would be something that I would be considered quite good at …. 53 years of Life experiences…. 5 countries of residence, bearing roles of volunteer, mother of 3, wife of 27 years, expat, business owner, dog breeder…just to scratch the surface...yes, LIFE have given me PLENTY to Connect about…

Similarly, no surprise that when I took Tom Rath’s Strength Finders Test that Connectedness was one of my top 5 Strengths…all noted in this missive.  However, I have determined that this Gift I do have, really and truly needs to be Optimized, at ALL levels…..DEEPENING the connections with My…

zaarlogo smallSelf. To stay true, to stay tuned, to stay present, to be responsible, to stay intentional. Eat well, sleep well, exercise well, spend/save well….get the idea? 

God. To draw on The Strength and hold the Faith that can be found only through this particular and most                           important Deepened Connection. Morning “reflection” time serves well to foster this.

zaarlogo smallPurpose. Yes, to dig deeper and hold onto what I deem My Purpose… which, by the way, if I had to pin it down would be to “make a difference” and to do it with Passion.

Past. I know we’re supposed to let our past go, but I’d rather work to put it/keep it in perspective. Respect the                lessons learned, appreciate it and understand it is part of who I am today….the good, bad and the ugly.

zaarlogo smallGifts. To respect the Gifts I have been blessed with. To Sing, to Write, To Share…and yes, to connect. 🙂

Family. To BE Love …. for these people I call my Family…that from whence I came and that which I  have                        created.

zaarlogo smallFriends. To those I already have the privilege of calling my dear friends, and to those I can’t wait to call my friend.

Business. To remember that it is only I that can Believe it forward, AND that I have an amazing group of                           supporters, peers,  happy past customers and a boatload of potential customers that are just waiting for me to                call on them to be part of this movement….not to mention a steady flow of opportunities just there for the taking.

zaarlogo smallGrateful Spirit. To ALWAYS remember to be Thankful.

So, yes, Connection is at the absolute Core of my Intention for 2014, and, per above, a tall order.  And yes, although considered a “top strength” I honestly don’t feel that I am truly optimizing this Gift/Strength that I acknowledge as mine….and man alive…IF I can truly make this my focus for this year, optimizing this Gift, what great and wonderful things will further result from what I truly love and thrive on. The sky is the absolute limit.

Yes, what an exciting year to anticipate with this as my invisible thread pulling me forward.

Thank you for letting me share this here. Taking the time to think this through/put it out there simply serves a step towards accountability. Talked about that in my last blog eh? Yes, ALL tied together. 🙂 Look forward to staying true to this as the year pans out before me.

And you. What are the words that you are putting out there to pull you forward into making 2014 the great year it can be for you? Would love to know.