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…and more ,on the Changing Face of High Point. For over 100 years High Point has been considered the Furniture Capital of the World and since 1909, yes, 1909, it has been host to the infamous High Point Furniture Market.  The square footage of the Market alone is bar none to making it the largest trade show in the United States and the reputation of the show continues to stand strong as THE place to spot High-Point-Market-Style-Spotterstrends. DSCN8730Holding strong to it’s core values/offerings to the community of sellers/buyers that twice a year block out their calendars for  “Market”, it has however had to change with the times….and it is with making these  changes that High Point Market  remains a vital resource it is for so many…..but perhaps with a twist if you will. You know “the same but different.” It is my contention that a shift is occurring before…

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