….and MY SCORE Mentor. How lucky am I eh? 

I KNEW, from our very first meeting, summer 2010, that I had been simply Gifted by way of Nancy coming into my world, blogged about it/SCORE here….How wonderful that she has joined such an auspicious group of similarly committed mentors in being acknowledged, as they all were, what is  now 3 years ago, at the White House.


Although I moved from Maine over 2 years ago Nancy and I have stayed connected by way of phone conferences….and as I had the pleasure of such just yesterday, and it so happens to be the anniversary of when Nancy was so acknowledged at the White House, I felt inclined to once again share with my world how this woman has, and continues to be there for me and my business….so bear with me as I give a little gush over Nancy Strojny my Maine based SCORE mentor.

With a 20 plus year career at Proctor and Gamble, and now running her own consulting firm, she no doubt has experience, which brings with it wisdom which she so readily shares.

But even more so she brings a warm directness, yes Nancy is gifted at giving one the most polite “kick in the pants” than anyone I’ve ever known…. a willingness to take YOU on as the whole package, offering a perspective that is impossible from the vantage point of working in the trenches, giving guidance and advice, but with the knowledge that ultimately the decision to act upon any of it is up to you. She gives permission, something we need to be doing for ourselves btw, to make a decision, and then to do the unthinkable, change your mind as things unfold and change for you/your business.  She isn’t afraid to be straight and because you know she cares you are grateful for the honesty…and the push.

She shows pride in your accomplishments and understanding when you need to take time to “clear the path”…but always always always bringing you ever so gently back to you and your dream and making you believe in your possibilities and doing whatever she can to help you reach the goals you set.

There is no doubt of her committment to the process and to you as the person and the business you represent and as such she is right there with you…as your mentor, as your cheerleader, as your guide, as your champion, as you butt kicker, and as your friend.

In her intro at the Champion of Change ceremony she said she wanted to give back what she was given by the “extraordinary group of men” that mentored her at Proctor and Gamble, and thus her deep involvement in SCORE, which is such a good place from which she can do just that. I am but one voice saying that she has so done that. Yesterday was the 3 year anniversary where she was nationally acknowledged that she, in a very big way, is doing  just that for many others ….

And so now EVERYBODY knows what a great mentor I have!

…yeah me. Yes, we shall “rock on!”


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