…and more ,on the Changing Face of High Point.

For over 100 years High Point has been considered the Furniture Capital of the World and since 1909, high point market logoyes, 1909, it has been host to the infamous High Point Furniture Market.  The square footage of the Market alone is bar none to making it the largest trade show in the United States and the reputation of the show continues to stand strong as THE place to spot trends.

DSCN8730Holding strong to it’s core values/offerings to the community of sellers/buyers that twice a year block out their calendars for  “Market”, it has however had to change with the times….and it is with making these  changes that High Point Market  remains a vital resource it is for so many…..but perhaps with a twist if you will.


You know “the same but different.”  No doubt a  shift is occurring before our eyes  and it is an exciting and noteworthy one as a tidal wave effect of purely positive repercussions  continues…  one that is reflected not only the changing product offerings but also the growing trend for the Interior Design Community to contribute at a much deeper level than simply as a consumer. All of it I find it quite simply exciting.

I well recall my first visit to High Point in 2003, with my directory earmarked to visit any exhibitor that looked like they might

abyzaar market sq showroomcarry Chinese Antiques. Wanted to see if it made sense for me to come here with my Chinese Antiques and also see what I had for competition. Well, apparently I found enough cause to take on my first “home” in Market Square and did so in 2004. My initiation tour 10 plus  years ago had me traipsing all over the place, but Market Square felt like it was the right place to show my unique one of a kind pieces,and that is where I started my Market career as a High Point Exhibitor.


antique and design center logo 2Is it any surprise  that what is now a well known “go to” place for designers to hit isantique design center none other than the  Antique and Design Center, spearheaded by the dynamic duo of Karen Luisana, and Amanda Kinney, has found a home in the halls of the Historic Market Square, for over 70, yes, 70 vendors that come to show and sell each Market.



The ambiance of the old building lends itself perfectly as home to this unique one of a kind venue in the heart of Market Square, and with ready access from the Suites. The icing on the cake is that each and every Market the team at the Antique and Design Center offer a steady diet of exceptional educational events, targeted to the Design Community.  Market after Market they just keep on stepping it up on the educational offerings by  hosting an endless stream of impressive and relevant seminars presented by people well renowned in their field. This year is no different and you can go here and be blown away, as I was, looking at what they have lined up for you this Market. NOT TO BE MISSED!

Yes, the Antique and Design Center is the true essence of the changing face of High Point. I choose to ZAAR flagalso contribute to the changing face of High Point and am excited to be part of this wave.  I have been in High Point for 11 years now, but 4 years, and 4 warehouse moves later, I have found my “home” in the repurposed Drexel Heritage Factory on the corner of Ward and Green…just a mile from the heart of High Point….where I show and sell my Chinese Antique furniture and accessories, also representing product from Distinctive Chesterfields and C & S Acosta….just to name a few.


I am so proud to  share this vision, with the Antique and Design Center,  for what we can each  bring to the table to be part of a vital, and yes, changing, High Point.

If you don’t have a visit to the Antique and Design Center or Antiques by ZAAR  on your agenda, be sure to add it, and be sure to take in at least one of the many educational treats  have lined up for this Market.

NOTE:  ZAAR Design Center will host a Lunch n Learn on Sunday April 19th at 12:00. CEU accredited talk by Deb Barrett, will give you a WORLD TOUR, focusing on Smart Designs from the World’s Top Markets.  RSVP Appreciated, not required.  text 207 838 2675 or email ruth@antiquesbyzaar.com.