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As a member of WITHIT for the past 6 years I have had ample opportunity to see first hand how the WITHIT Word spreads….would be a whole nother blog sharing how many times I’ve seen a simple introduction  lead to a deeper meeting  and before you know it a really cool connection is made and the rest is history as our lives become enriched for a new resource, a new friend and even a new member. Jana Platina Phipps, Betty  Lynn Eller, Deb Klein/ the core of the NYC chapter and NYC Inside Design Tour,  you ALL ROCK at this!

It has been so rewarding for me to be part of just such a scenario,  most recently as a small group of like minded women ended up together,  put their heads together, and somehow landed on a date where IT “worked”, penned IT on our respective calendars and made IT happen.

IT being the inaugural event for the newly formed DC Metro Chapter of WITHIT.

2015-06-17 21.06.48-1At a lunch meeting on May 22nd, IT was determined that June 17th, 2015 IT would be. Without hesitation Victoria Sanchez generously offered to host this event at her gorgeous store, Victoria at Home, in Old Alexandria. We all left with our respective to do lists and we set off back into our busy busy lives, with this new nuance added.

The event was less than a week ago and I still have a buzz for the energy that filled the store 2015-06-17 18.46.06-1as 50 plus women (and a smattering of men/so happy you joined us) mingled and chatted while nibbling on a delightful array of savories and sweets, punctuated with a tantalizing sangria.

How wonderful was it to introduce so many people to WITHIT in one fell swoop? How wonderful to do so in the beautiful surroundings of one of our newest members store? How wonderful it was  for Amanda Kinney and I, as veteran members, to share with the group a little about our WITHIT experience and what it could mean for anyone that cared to join? How wonderful for the enthusiastic response to said introduction, as people approached us to not only express a desire to join but also to host future events?

Yup, IT was amazing! The energy was amazing! The response was amazing! And the joy felt by all of us that contributed to make this happen…well, it was right up there with amazing.

2015-06-17 20.03.55Someone asked if there was a minimum number of people needed to merit a Chapter being formed, and I said, “we are all good”…no minimum requirement to meet. Chapter is formed. We are here to stay and we are so excited for what will follow.

I was so tempted to detail out  how this all came about/as I really like how IT happened, but suffice it to say, that what happened last week in Alexandria VA was a result of putting something out to the universe. IT was a result  of people coming together to offer what they can to make IT happen… of offering something to fill a need for those specifically in the home furnishings industry… AND most importantly, of people saying YES to the invitation….the rest is history as they say.

Thrilled for the people I worked with and met that fine night and so very much look forward to our thriving DC Metro Chapter. It’s going to be great!


P.S. Anybody has more photos to share, or comments on the night, please feel free to do so.