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No, not something you would normally consider….but yes, it does work….as shown below by, not one, but two of my customers.

Maria  Hasenecz , of Wyndmoor, PA, and Antiques by Zaar customer since 2007 , was determined to get her armoire of choice into her bathroom, which, you must agree, looks gorgeous! What you don’t know from the photos is that the desired location for the new home of her most recent acquisition, was on the 2nd floor of her home, which has, as part of it’s charm, a set of steps too narrow to accomodate getting this piece to its desired location.

Of course, on the day of delivery, who would have a crane booked towork at her home to address other upgrades she was working on? That would be Maria. And thus the Chinese armoire was lifted by crane and plopped into into just where Maria…

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…and in yours?

No surprise that my own home, as written in a recent blog, Chinese Country Antiques in my Maine Country Home, Chinese Antiques are prevalent…due in part to our near decade living in Asia and further encouraged by my love for the genre of furniture I’ve been selling for the last 12 years….and, per the prevalence of Chinese Antiques in Show Houses, shelter magazines, and the portfolios of more than just a handful of designers,  many who I proudly can call my customers, Meg Braff’s work shown on left here. I feel secure in the future of my business…ie, it is not a passing trend. A touch of Chinese works just as well with modern as it does with traditional, or, of course, stands well enough on it’s own.

And below a few examples of that “touch” as seen in the rooms at the Hampton show house.

It was Kat Burki‘s usage of two non matching consoles, purchased from yours truly, that admittedly first drew me to visit the Hampton Designer Showhouse in 2009. So elegantly presented in this powder room, wouldn’t you agree?

That same year Carole Reed used a red lacquer console/desk in the library.

Last year Tilton Fenwick added an accent by way of over sized Chinese porcelain stools.

And this year would be no different with the sitting room as appointed by Old Town Crossing, who used a black lacquer console table and complementary kang coffee table.

I would LOVE to see how you have put a touch of Asian , or more, in YOUR home….and would love to share such. And if inclined to include a quip about what you love about your Chinese infusion, or how you came to love Chinese antiques, please include.


P.S. See how some of my Antiques by Zaar customers have  placed thier Asian infusion in their homes, as they have shared and allowed me to post in my Home Gallery.

ALSO, the Hampton Show House is still open until September 2, if you are inclined to take a visit.

“Chinese antiques are integral in many of my projects, whether residential or hospitality interiors. They add confidence, strength and color to both  traditional and contemporary interiors. For me, their age and their lines hold the intrigue of stories untold of places far and away from our shores.”

 Jan Lamont/Coastal Architects.

antiques by zaar customer since June 2008.

With offices in Nanaimo British Columbia and Kittery Point Maine, the name “Coastal Architects” is most appropriate for this husband and wife team of architect and interior designer, who “commute” between the two coasts and have ongoing projects in both.

Am thrilled that back in 2oo8, when working on a hotel project, that they let their fingers do the walking and found the Antiques by Zaar website, and within a rather tight time frame we shipped off a loveseat and pair of chests to Maine from our North Carolina warehouse.

The beautiful Stage Neck Inn in York Harbor Maine, one of their many east coast clients, recently had a redo of thier lobby lounge, and per Jan’s above statement, are you suprised that a smattering of Chinese antiques found their way into the comforting  area that overlooks the ocean?  I had occasion to swing by there a couple of weeks ago on a return trip from High Point NC to my home in Maine, and grabbed a few photos, to share with you here…

NOTE: A lovely fireplace is also situated in this room but didn’t photograph so as not to be intrusive the couple that were enjoying their newspapers by the roaring fire. 🙂

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance. b barton

Classic, clean, modern, natural and….

A touch of Asian.

How can you not fall in love with how Kathleen, of KMH Design, has merged it all so effortlessly in this San Marco Home?

The Chinese console, positioned “just so” opposite the fire place, serves well as anchor for a pair of gorgeous framed photographs, and accented with natural artifacts and supported by a more traditional styled upholstered chair.

Thank you Kathleen, for sharing your beautiful work showcasing  how well a touch of Asian works in your “non Asian” decorating schema.

Photo credit to: Thomas Hager

Design credit to: KMH Design

Chinese console credit to: proudly,  Antiques by Zaar

P.S. Pulled this below example from an issue of Elle Decor, from a home in the Hamptons, which takes it even one step further when it comes to mixing traditional and modern, wouldn’t you agree?

Yes, that single piece of antique simply makes the otherwise generally  modern look “pop”.

If you have an example of how you’ve mixed an Asian piece (or two) with a modern, feel free to share. I will post…and give credit.


Check this out! Fresh infusion of Chinese Antiques arriving in NC warehouse tomorrow.

….and in particular it seems a light and airy blue that she can’t seem to tear herself away from and, might I add, is so refreshingly warm and lively all at the same time…kind of what  Hannah Dee is herself…and thus I sense her natural  draw to this hue.

….so pleased that I had JUST the piece she needed, JUST the very specific size she needed, in JUST what seems to be her fave color….thank you Maria of Liveable Landscapes  for putting us together!

Not only will you agree it looks stunning in her very cool living room, as shown below….

….but it is hot hot hot in the vignette she created as participant in the The Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival, which was held in April…click here to see more photos of her vignette, from concept to reality,….no wonder she attracted alot of attention!

As Hannah said when she posted me some pix… “I exhibited recently in a local festival, The Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival. I used your beautiful blue console table as the centerpiece of the booth I created. It looked so great and really made the space. I love it in my living room as well!”
…and she carries a pop of this color into her garden as well, accented on her door and in side chairs. You don’t want to miss taking a “stroll through Hannah’s garden“….

…and if you want Hannah to work her colorful magic in your home or garden, you may want to give her a call. Website forthcoming, but in the meanwhile  you can see what she’s all about on Facebook

….and, by the by…. if you’re looking for a pop of color by way of a refurbished piece of Chinese furniture, do check out the section on my site that I just created, “A Pop of Color!“…as yes, I do have a piece or two  in “Hannah’s blue”.

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