Road Trip Reports

2013-02-21 16.59.02I have just returned home to Maryland for a few short days before hitting the road again next week. I would be remiss in not capsulizing what was an incredible trip that made most question my sanity when advised what my schedule was…. to be at Unity in NC and 2 days later in FL, prepping for my first 1/2 marathon. Frankly, it was empowering enough in and of itself…the fact that I actually made it work logistically.

But on a deeper level…

As a member of the High Point Design Center, since 2008, I have attended the February Unity in Design event each year.hpdc new logo bar

hpdc unity 2013

For a quick primer on what this event is all about, I akin it to a mini Market. Member showrooms are open for the 2 day event which is geared specifically to designers, who are also treated to breakfasts, lunches and networking cocktail parties, for the duration…not to mention a solid roster of educational events relevant to the industry.

 It is one of the 4 times/year that I KNOW I will be in High Point, the other 2 being the High Point Furniture Market and the 4th being the annual WITHIT Leadership Conference.  I  attend to promote both of my businesses, Antiques by Zaar and ZAAR Design Center, the former which serves as anchor for the latter.  And each time I leave High Point after said event, I do so with a warm glow, knowing I did right by my biz to be there.  For not only is it a good opportunity to draw in new customers, it is also a great opportunity Unity elvesfor me to connect at a deeper level with those that are working, as am I, to foster a year round business to the trade, in High Point. I am energized by this commitment we share and the way in which we serve to support each other AND the needs of our customers….more on this on ZAAR Design Center blog that will roll out following this missive.

2013-02-20 16.27.37 UNITY 2013 was the perfect time for ZAAR  to launch the introduction of our newest Trade Partner, Sans Souci Sisters. With all the warm fuzzies about it seemed the perfect opportunity  to inaugurate the permanent presence of Christmas @ ZAAR. Yes, Sans Souci Sisters are your GO TO workshop to have one of a kind heritage and memory Santa Claus’s handcrafted to your specifications. Suffice it to say, we are ecstatic to have Kimberley and her heart warming Santa s as a permanent fixture at ZAAR.

Thank you to all that put out so much effort to make this entire event what it was….those that organized it and also those that came to take benefit of what was organized just for them. I truly feel it to be a  win win and why I tout it/support it/participate in it as I do.

So, fueled by all these positive juices I scurried out after the cocktail party/silent auction, that was organized to benefit the Sandbox organization, which by all counts was a smashing success, to make the 6 hour drive back to my new home in MD, just long enough to change suitcases, and catch a bus to NYC, where I would be meeting my daughter for what would be a “power up” of a different nature, in Orlando FL.

Yes, I would be changing up my business attire to a tutu, matching ones made by daughter Avery, and join over 25,000 others , over 22,000 of these being women, in the 5th annual Disney Princess 1/2 marathon, in support of the Leukemia/Lymphoma Foundation. Leave it up to my Disney Darling to add this to my bucket list… no, it wasn’t on it, but as a reasonably regular runner, not an unreasonable thing to ponder as something I would do….although the most I had ever done in the past was a 10 k. The prospect of doing it in a tu tu did take some of the seriousness out of the fact we were to complete 13.1 miles!

mom and aveThe energy of literally thousands of people, at 4:00 am, in the Disney Park, decked out in assorted costumes, yes,with a high preponderance of tu tus….including on several men, was something in and of itself amazing to be part of. So many people, EACH with their own goals, to meet by completing 13.1 miles, one way or the other. I could only vouch for what my goals were for this.

The obvious one was to simply complete it, and to that end I have been reminded that you really can do anything you set your mind to. Not going to lie, after doing a solid 8 miles without stopping, I did let my head start to get to me, and my attitude wasn’t the healthiest. Although I was determined NOT to walk over the finish line, my pace had pretty much deteriorated to what could be considered a fast shuffle.

And this  brings me to what was the greater goal of what participating in this meant to me, and that was to do something 2013-02-24 19.43.53big with my daughter, to create a memory for us to share. As such what puts the biggest smile on my face/warms my heart the most, as I recall this, is how my 22 year old, who was able to keep a clip faster than her old mother , remember, I had regressed to a fast shuffle. To her credit, for the best part of the run we were side by side,… during the last 1/4 mile, came back, urged me on, and as we crossed the finish line, reached over to grab my hand and raised our hands in united victory. THAT was the bomb!

On all counts it was  crazy to attempt to make it work logistically to be in NC Tues-Thurs, to meet in NYC to get to FL Sat for a Sunday event. But, each event was of import to me, and I felt merited the effort it would take to participate in both….and, at the other side of all of it, including the 3 hours it took to do 13.1 miles, I couldn’t be happier that I can say I DID IT!

I did what was right for me as a business owner, and then I did what was right for me as a mom.

So, yes, POWERED UP I am, and in the context of a UNITED Spirit…from my HPDC colleagues,  trade partners and customers in High Point, and by all those that determined to complete 13.1, but especially by my very own Disney Princess Avery.


P.S. If you have a thirst for more Disney marathon photos, feel free to visit this facebook album. 🙂


One of the things that I most love about having my own business, is the latitude I have to take the time I need/want for my family. It is truly a gift.  But not going to lie,  can’t say I  was overly excited about the anticipated week long break in my work rhythm I would need, to go and help set up my middle child in Toronto.

Maybe it’s because I was feeling this way as we loaded my KIA and made the 11 hour drive to Toronto, that I am so effusive now, about what was an incredibly busy/productive/fun week …”launching Arianna”….ie, I was right where I was meant to be, doing what I wanted/needed to do, to help set my daughter up in this next phase of her young adult life.

Back in April when I picked Ari up, following her final set of exams, as an undergraduate of the University of Western Ontario, there was anticipation of this return to Ontario to attend her June 16th graduation, with interim time being spent at our home in Maine, with an “interesting” and ambitious list of what was anticipated to take place during that time. Many items on said list never materialized, but the one which she thought unlikely, actually did….she not only landed a job, but she landed one that suits her just perfectly!

No, it didn’t happen “straight away” but when things started to fall into place, they just kept on doing just that….2 weeks from first phone interview, first of 5, 2 online tests, followed by in person interview in New York…to an action packed week prior to grad…finding an apartment…sweet location/cozy space, and not an easy feat we started to realize quickly,  furnishing said apartment, yeah for IKEA and Home Sense, setting up/assembling, ok, I assisted, Ari directed/did the hard stuff, furniture….and all the “stuff” you don’t think of as you move your residence to a new city/country.

So glad to have been there with her…and although a tad proud, the sense that she is right where she should be, right now, as a freshly minted college, for those Canadians reading this, yes, correct terminology would be university, grad, supercedes my personal pride and, well, just gives me a glow that I can’t get rid of.

So, onward Arianna….onward. Thanks for letting me a vital part of your “launch”….

Your mother…

Now back to work I go!

… Arianna being my middle child, and as the subject line says, the first “A” of Zaar (flanked by Zachary, of and Avery, McGill student. Your guess as to who R refers to :)).

Facebook album of our week here…which also included volunteering at the FIDA fundraising golf tournament, and having father’s day brunch with my parents and sister…just to explain some of the photos, which don’t have captions.


For those of us that took the bait to “REGISTER NOW” for the 5th annual WITHIT/Women in the Home Furnishings Industry Today,  sponsored tour, we were not to be disappointed….and having attended same tour last year, you can read about that here, I already anticipated coming away enthralled and delighted, as certainly was the case….

Per the comprehensive brochure/itinerary we all received, the tour this year was “woven together through the universal language of color“.  The “color journey” for the group began with the individual visions of the Kips Bay Showhouse designers

….the Saturday tour, which I chose to not  attend, for I had started my own personal colorful start to the weekend by tripping over my own feet Friday night, which left me with the gift of a sprained ligament. I was responsible and kept said foot up on ice all day Saturday and thus was able to join the group for the following two days.

Sunday, on a pair of crutches, my husband escorted me into the city, from Long Island, where I met up with the group at the Javits Center, where, like last year, we would visit assorted exhibits, at the ICFF /International Contemporary Furniture Fair….again, the presentation given by various exhibitors, particularly  in the Spanish Pavillion was most interesting.

Although the draw to visit the Cooper -Hewitt National Design Museum was the exhibition of “Art and Fashion by Sonia Delaunay”, have to say that visiting the colorful and exquisite Van Cleef jewellery collection had us all rather enraptured as well. Thank you to Mary Leigh, our 2011 WITHIT prez, for  chauffeuring me in the wheel chair I was offered and decided to take the break for my wounded wing.

… the finale for this jam packed day would be a cocktail party preceding a most personable presentation, with q and a time following, by Wendy Goodman, New York Magazine Design Editor, who shared with us her lifetime relationship with the iconic Gloria Vanderbilt, one built on trust, and which thusly led Gloria to  collaborate with  Wendy to do the first and only authorized illustrated biography of this legendary designer, decorator, aritist, model, muse, heiress and author. What an absolute “inside design” treat! Each of us left the evening fully enthralled…AND with an autographed copy of this hot off the press treasure trove of insight and infamous photos.

 Click image to go directly to Amazon and purchase.

….and to think we still had another full day orchestrated specifically for us….

Monday, Monday…

Armed with one crutch, yes, graduating daily, and an umbrella, I joined the group for a day FULL of color…something for everyone…starting with personalized tour of M & S Schmalberg, a “cottage industry” in the heart of NY, a place from whence delicate and incricate colorful floral renditions are created. Truly amazing to be taken through the proccess from start to finish, from the place where flowers have been produced over the years, for famous designers…making a particular splash as a result of exposure on the long running Sex in the City show.

From there to a delectable lunch and informative 2012 Trend and Style report at Stylesight….and from there right to Material Connexion, an amazing  international material resource library, showcasing literally thousands of materials..

and from there  to the New York Design Center, specifically to tour the newly opened 1st Dibs Showroom…. over 30,000 feet of product, as represented by assorted businesses which also have their product available in one large/growing convenient online location, called, yes, 1st Dibs.

The tour was hosted by Traditional Home Magazine’s  art and antique editor,  Doris Athineos and Jon Walker, their home furnishings manager….

Enjoyed chatting up with Jon as I hobbled through the showroom….sharing with him my long time affilitiation with Suysel Cunningham, of  the design team of Tilton Fenwick, who recently enjoyed accolades from Traditional Home as one their top 20 designers, AND, designed the Traditional Home vignette for recent Design on a Dime, fundraising event, see details in the Material Girls blog,  AND which Antiques by Zaar contributed a etagere, as shown in above photo, that sold immediately. Wonderful on all fronts!

Further, it was an absolute delight to meet in person Doris Athineos, who readily recalled the 2008 article she produced, “It’s Good To Be Ching”, which Antiques by Zaar was part of said feature.

Needless to say this visit was highlight of the day…but it wasn’t over yet….

It would be off to not only visit the newly opened Lillian August store, but to have a cocktail reception, followed by an indepth view into how it all came to be and the exciting things ahead. Thank you to Skye Kirby, VP of Stores and Marketing….it was more than informative, it was delightful…and I look forward to following the further growth of this inspiring creative entity.

…. group dinner at City Crab, was a wonderful wonderful way to cap off the night of our “inside design” event, which we ALL gushed about respectively over delectable seafood dishes.

Thank you WITHT, for orchestrating this… and in particular Betty Lyn Eller and her committee, Jana Platina-Phipps, Deborah Klein, Laura Newman, Janine Finkle and Katie Mutushak.

Speaking for myself, my enthusiasm as an ambassador for WITHIT, has been fueled….my insight into Design has been enhanced, and my passion for what I do and the people I’m able to meet as I go about my business, spur me on.

Yes, I am on fire. Thank you, thank you thank you. This is my recap/testimonial, and I invite other event attendees to offer same as we spread the WITHIT word and grow our numbers….each and every member offering something special, one to the other. All good.


P.S. Limited photos as was constricted to using the camera on my phone, travelled light, but check out what I did garner, here, on my facebook page.

Yes, rain of all sorts, ran across my path as I added another 4,500 plus miles on my trusty KIA this past 38 day stint on the road…yes, that would be almost 55,000 miles in past 22 months… with major stopping points being New York, High Point NC, Washington DC, Montreal Quebec and Kitchener Ontario….again, this being a combo trip for personal and business reasons, and why it being such a lengthy time away from my current “home front”.

Attending the Kat Burki, one of my Zaar Design Center “trade partners”  store opening in Westport CT, was the major impetus for my 3/24 departure, which I wrote about in this blogwhich FYI, went out as from ZAAR Design Center, rather than Antiques by Zaar, through which I’m trying to have a further reach, and why you might not have seen it, and so am  linking here for ya’ll.

And from there it was on to High Point, NC …not only where I warehouse my inventory, but also from where I show for the High Point Market. I was able to capsulize this in this missive…at least the “extras” that are part of Market.

Just to add here that the more entrenched I get in doing my business from High Point the more pleased I am that we made the life saving decision to move our warehouse from Maine to NC back in 2007. What a great proactive move that was!

After an invigorating time working Market it was back to New York, to meet up with my husband and take a little mini vacation to Washington DC. Have to say I quite enjoyed being the tourist. We did come across some bloomng cherry blossom trees as we toured about, in what wasn’t the most appealing weather…per the title of this blog, the rain followed me here as well. But no raining on my parade. We had a good time taking in various attractions and being reminded of the history of this great country and what it took for us to get from there to here…and yes, I do say this as an accepted foreigner residing here as a permanent resident.  Happy to share photos here. Was reminded further of my interest in my own family history which is on my “bucket list” of things to do when….

Back to work from New York for a few days before hitting the road to Montreal to pick up my youngest, who just finished up her 3rd year at McGill.  She was my all star hockey player in high school and maintains an interest in the sport, so it was a delight that the timing of this pick up would coincide with a quarter final play off game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins. …host team unfortunately losing in overtime 😦 ….but the experience was good….and yes, dotted with rain! Pix  here.

Easter weekend in NY ,more rain, where we would enjoy a typical pre show lunch at Juniors,  seeing Wonderland on Broadway, ALWAYS LOVE Broadway,  a little outlet shopping, and a peak into the Disney store, cupcakes at CRUMBS, we must test the “competition”,   and a delightful Easter brunch in Southampton….and then it would be off to Kitchener Ontario, where I would hang my hat/visit with  family and friends  for a couple of days while elder of my daughters finished her final exam….two graduated, one to go!

….drop my girls off in NY, so they could catch a flight for a week long trip sister trip to Disney…graduation gift…and the final leg to Maine on a bright and sunny May 1st!

Landed. Changing gears. Enjoying the sunshine and the green. Enjoying NOT getting into my car for an extended time, meaning anywhere from 6-10 hours…giving it, and me, a break. And now time to write write write….well, until I head for a quick trip, this time my KIA will rest as will need small U HAUL, to Montreal on Sunday.  Let’s hope for sunshine eh?

P.S. Sun was shining when I started this yesterday….yes, raining today….oh well. 😦   As my friend commented to my note “rain rain go away….”  May showers bring June flowers. OK.

A month ago today I packed my bags for what would be a month long road trip…..the impetus of said trip being a combination of personal and business matters, and which would add 5,000 miles onto my KIA and take me from my Maine home base to New York (3 stops), High Point NC, Ottawa Ontario and Montreal Quebec….and alot of places in between getting from here to there and back again.

So, here I am on the other side of what was a great trip, and am enjoying the “look back” as I share with my world some highlights below….and more specifically, at later dates….just  getting myself  back into the “blogosphere” here ….

Super Bowl Sunday @ Graybarn Cottage

…hosted by proprietors Gary and Sylvia Muller, customers/friends of Antiques by Zaar for almost 10 years now, was great.  How delightful to be invited to take in the Super Bowl, admitting here not a huge follower, just like to be part of the “event” that capsulates the season, with the Mullers and their friends…and see first hand how wonderful our altar works in their well appointed “cottage”.

  If you want to see more photos of Graybarn Cottage or the Mill House Inn…or look into either place as a venue for your next pampered getaway, simply go to .

Unity in Design Event: High Point NC

This was my 3rd year participating in the HPDC’s   “winter event” and ironically enough, each year the weather seems to be colder and colder AND definitely progressively more snow than one would expect to deal with in North Carolina. Thankfully the cold temperatures/tenuous road conditions didn’t get in the way of this event being the success it is each year.

ZAAR (Design Centre/Antiques by…)  took particular pleasure in hosting lunch/presentation in our chilly warehouse/showroom Thursday Feb 10th.  Hot dishes from Emerywood warmed our insides and Bobbie Cox of Dragonfly Designs enraptured her audience with her presentation.

Thank you ALL!  Bobbie, for offering such insight and having such an engaging presentation that was relevant  to those currently in the business and to those prospectives… yes, we were graced by presence of a lovely group of design students from Western Carolina University, and to the  gathering we had to take it all in. Also to members of the ZAAR Design Center for their help and participation, namely Vanderveer Imports, Kat Burki, Bellescenda, and Touchwood. Click here for luncheon photos, just a few…was too busy chatting up….


After a busy and uplifting 3.5 days in North Carolina, it was back to New York for a few days…with one of the highlights of my time working from there being a visit with Antiques by Zaar customer/friends Catherine Kovins and Thom Januaz .  I love it when “lunch” becomes an event that takes you right to dinner…yes, that is how the time flowed visiting, talking and simply enjoying the face to face interaction as catylst to recent years communicating on the phone/via email.  I very much look forward to our next meeting, which we are hoping to do during Asia Week in NYC.

Black lacquered sideboard and mirror, purchased from AbyZaar, worked too perfectly in the Master Suite of Catherine and Thom’s home. Click here to view other photos of how they mixed Asian in their gorgeous home.

The wedding of my nephew Casey Wall to Cheryl Grossman, was the impetus for my trip taking me to Ottawa Ontario.  As I am the only sibling that is “away”, it is great to have such an oppotunity to catch up and celebrate…in some cases reconnecting with people I hadn’t seen in over 2 decades! Cheryl was the consumate blushing bride, could her smile have been any wider?, the service touching and the reception, held at the War Museum…well, a great party. Click here to view photos of the event.

Montreal and final trip to NY was for my family…returning one college daughter to McGill after a brief visit to Maine during her winter break, and 2nd daughter to NY to catch a plane to get back to finish her last semester at University of Western Ontario…2nd college graduation in 2 years, and 3rd one following next year. Oh my!

This but scratches the surface of the most recent run about and you’ll read about more in months to follow as Antiques by Zaar moves forward and my family moves around. Yes, Life is Good.


I’m not going to lie,  just ask my family 🙂 …I have been “counting up” to my 5oth for, well…about a year now. And so I feel it appropriate to acknowledge that which was more than a “celebration” for a single day. Yes, I have managed to spread this out quite nicely over the past several weeks, and so, a taste of what has made me Happy Turning 50…

 my daughter Avery launched this by acknowledging my big 5 0, when I visited her in Australia this past September, read about here….with a touching card and thoughtful gifts….acknowledging my love, no, not addiction, for my morning coffee/time on the road, with a Melbourne Starbucks travel mug, a lovely necklace,  and a pair of adorable, travel sized inspirational books on Happiness and Angels….appreciating  my interest in pulling out such quips which she knows I like to share with my world via twitter/facebook….and needing mini size to travel with.

embracing the fact of my business, Antiques by Zaar,  marks 10 years since it’s first online sale, later this month,  and introducing ZAAR Design Center…celebrating this, and a little birthday cheer, ALL at the High Point Market last month.  Thank you all that contributed to that!

having had  the opportunity to have had some lovely one on one time with my daughter Arianna end of Oct when she joined me in celebrating her grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary  10/24 in Waterloo Ontario….this too giving me cause for celebration, as noted in my blog….and spending some very precious time with the rest of my family…in particular some “sisterly” time with my 2 sisters.

the wall girls

 taking some days off with my husband so we could have a “staycation” in NYC last weekend….4 liesurely days bopping around the Big Apple/Long Island, taking in a NY Rangers game, just as much a show watching fans as the game, Jersey Boys on Broadway, yes had me dancing and singing as we left the theatre, visit to Metropolitan Museum, and a plethora of leisurely lunches and coffees, people watching and chat chat chatting. Dare I forget to mention that the people watching was enhanced by the fact that we were in the city on October 31st. What a parade of costumes to gaze upon…great fun!

enjoying a reunion, lunch that turned into lunch, afternoon and dinner,  last week with 3 gals that I chummed with when living in Taiwan over a decade ago…bringing back many fond memories of our time in Asia as expats and being thrilled with how we could all pick up as if no time had passed…recalling how we found enjoyment in what one might expect as being unsuspecting places and catching up to where our kids and lives found us now….

anticipating what my son would create for me, by way of a cake, that would capture my “Spirit” on this landmark day. He does like to remind me of my half century status! …and thus he dug into my closet for inspiration, finding a faved blouse, the pattern which he mimicked on his/my cake. If you love this cake, be sure to check out his facebook page, Cake Lab, or even better, if in Maine, commission him for a cake….he is in business!

making dinner, yes, I said making dinner….a good ole American meatloaf, with extra sauce, for my husband. 10 years in Asia I “managed” the kitchen and following 10 years in Maine, my husband ran our kitchen…and likewise ensuring we more often than not ate as a family. I am what I have decided to call myself,  an “Occasion” Cook. I like to cook for the Holidays and for parties, yes, occasions…although have not done nearly as much as I’d like in recent years. So, as my husband always cooks for me, I thought I’d make it special and cook for him. He likes my meatloaf and so, voila…a win win.

attending a local concert, the Battle of the Blends…. a fundraiser for the Maine Music Society, of which I am a member of…namely the Androscoggin Chorale…a concert where it was impossible to leave without a smile on your face and in your heart. Thank you Mark, for being my date!

enjoying Sunday Brunch at Fishbones…our most favorite Sunday Brunch venue.  Not only do we over indulge in the vast buffet set out but we also enjoy getting an update on Bauer, Kate and Paul’s, the owners of this fine establishment, golden retriever…which, yes, is a pup from one of our litters from when we were breeding goldens at Peacock Hill Farm.

And, last, actually, I fear there is more I’d like to put out, but this is already “too long” ,but so far from not being least….

watching my inbox be flooded with birthday messages, yes, the bulk via facebook, all week long. What a treat to have so many people, some that I admittedly know better than others, wish me well. My heart was truly touched, more than you can know.

Yes, I’ve had my 50th birthday…come and gone, BUT, my 50th year has just begun. With the love of my family around me and my world of friends opening their arms to me, I know that, with the growing wisdom of years, and the desire to touch and be touched, that wonderful Blessings lie ahead. Thank you for being part of my world.


P.S….and I more than like the blue boots my husband gifted me…yes, “colorful”. They suit me, don’t you think?

My hiatus from blogging, dare I admit to last post being  10/13?, has NOTHING to do with a lack of content and/or interest in sharing with my world all that I feel worthy of sharing, but more to do with where do I start? What is the essence of the messages I want to put out there? How do I pull it all together so that people want to hear what I’m saying?

Sign in Gray ME...just down the road from us. Understand?

There’s a saying here in Maine “you can’t get there from here” …and I KNOW that customers looking for my house in ME (years ago) were told just this, and go figure, they did get here from there 🙂  AND didn’t let that detour deter them…as they are still good AbyZaar customers …. and that is how I am feeling right now, in that I need to step back, take a look, and a big deep breath, and find my way there, even if it may not be the route the signs suggested…

Truth of the matter is that there are SO MANY supporting me in my evolving vision that it is becoming as much a mission/mandate, and desire not to disappoint, as it is a job/business, and that suits me just fine…although the pressure is on, eh?

And so, it seems appropriate for me to launch this blogging binge I plan on embarking on, starting now, by sharing with you,  the many things and people which inspire me…that urge me on/fuel me forward, and give me  a sense that this passion must be shared…all as I wend my way from here to there. Welcome to my ride!

Although I am scribing this missive from my home office in Maine, the last 3 plus weeks have found me everywhere but here…finding inspiration all along the way, as noted in one of my most recent blogs on Seth Godin.

Antiques by Zaar first showroom in Market Square...just under 1,000 sq ft.

My Inspiration: My New Digs @ 220 Feld Ave. High Point NC.

A little extra work preparing for Market this year as we had moved locations in September and thus my 10,000 square foot space, full of inventory I might add, needed a FULL rework. And, in addition to setting up for my business, Antiques by Zaar, I also had to take into consideration the 4 businesses that would be showing with me, presenting ourselves in the  newly established  entity, ZAAR Design Center.

We started the move with making a wall with our armoires...

It felt like every stick of furniture in the building had to be moved from where it had been placed on initial move. Per the urging of Jeff, my right hand in NC, I made my way to High Point a few days earlier than my normal time for Market prep…and so glad I heeded her advice. Two full days, with the help of 2 gentlemen, we got the bulk of the heavy work done, leaving 3 days left to sort out…well, the “fun stuff”.

It was a daunting task on that first glance, and I thought addressing something a 10th of this size had been daunting!, but as the days waned, it came together in a way that had me stop, look, and FEEL, over and over again. In the course of just a few days the warehouse was transformed into a showroom…displaying not only Antiques by Zaar’s collection, but also that of Bellascenda, Kat Burki, Lady B Goode and Vanderveer….the owners of each business addressing their respective vignettes. See pix of all by going to Antiques by Zaar Fan Page on Facebook!

From the signage outside, to the statuary and potted mums placed at the entrance, to the “greeter” we had to register our visitors, to the brightly lit space, which ensured a good dusting job was indeed done, to the coffee and snacks made available, and to the fine people that represented their companies, it was simply delightful and welcoming. What a great place to show and tell…yes, if I do say so myself.

Panoramic of ZAAR Showroom

I may be the biggest fan but from the feedback received from the lovely group of people  that visited us during Market and/or that attended our party, celebrating 10 years for Antiques by Zaar and introducing ZAAR Design Center, I have more than a handful of people agreeing with me.

So yes, after a hearty week working Market, after moving out all that Sold, yeah for me!, during Market and reworking the space to accommodate 2 new lines that we’ll be introducing at next Designer Wednesday, that being 11/10, I left my new space with a smile on my face and feeling all aglow.

Info on each ZAAR Member available as soon as you enter...

We had made it. We had moved. We treated the entire space as a showroom. We welcomed 4 companies to present themselves with us, and they too presented their collections with style and pizzaz.  We had the inaugural Market for ZAAR Design Center, and you know what the really cool thing is????

For all those that didn’t have the time to visit us, we are excitedly prepared to see you throughout the year! The next Designer Wednesday for the High Point Design Center is just around the corner, and we are primped up and ready…and if you can’t make it then, well, just call and make an appointment and someone will avail themselves for you to ensure you have all the info you need for what you are looking at/for.

Can you say it/see it any better than this? Welcome to High Point!

Yes, Antiques by Zaar has moved and ZAAR Design Center is here. So from there to here we are and now we are ready to move from our new Here to There, with many new developments planned for ZAAR Design Center, to serve ….

0ffering ZAAR Trade Partners  a venue to present their collections to their customers…

offering a resource to our Trade customers, with NEW things to look at constantly…have some surprises in store for ya’ll!

All this, year round, from no other than High Point, The Heart of Furniture Land. We welcome you!


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