and, btw,  Designer Laura Kirar to present in High Point, at the High Point Design Center’s Unity in Design Event…details below.
In the May 2010 edition of  Elle Decor you will find Elle Decor’s Guide to the “Top 10 Cocktail Tables” , page 106, with designers Laura Kirar of Tru Design,  and Ernest de la Torre, of De La Torre Design Studio, commenting on the magazines selection.

Not sure how many people realize that although long low tables have been found in Asian homes literally for centuries,  that  it wasn’t until the early 20th Century that such became a living room essential in the West. That room where  casual seating/entertaining  became more formalized and  a place for drinks, flowers, books and even casual dining required, what has now become the cocktail table.

I love the fact that the origin for our staple hails from the Far East, with this particular design, of the scroll table, being mimicked, as depicted above, (doesn’t Laura grace that table beautifully?) with the very modern white lacquer piece, as available at  Shine by S.H.O.

Commonly known as a “musician’s table” these tables, which hail from the Shan Dong province implement the characteristic Chinese dovetail joinery to create the smooth “bend” in the wood.  Typically  found in black or red lacquer, or a honey tone.

Here,  Antiques by Zaar customer, Shaunda Warren has used her red scroll in her Feng Shui room… a place she calls her own, to reflect and meditate, and in her words…

 “I entirely LOVE the red scroll table! It is an incredibly perfect fit, in the spot in my reading room–just as I suspected it would be!  (…amazingly modern feeling, but in a classic way)  It has sort of a quiet, artsy edge to it, that feels wonderfully “meditative” in my space! 
Love it-Love it-Love it!
Shaunda in TX

Click here to view other aspects of Shaunda’s personal retreat in her home. We should ALL have such a place in our homes… Thanks for sharing Shaunda!

Should you be interested in locating such a piece for your home, please check out our coffee table  section on our site.

On another note, should you want some good feng shui advise, be sure to follow my dear friend Katy Allgeyer’s  blog called Feng Shui by Fish Girl. You also want to check out Katy’s website…aside from being an expert in Feng Shui she is also  a very talented artist.


 Save the Date

February 9-11, 2011!

High Point Design Center is planning thier next Unity in Design Event…and guess who is one of the designers slated for the Keynote Panel?  None other than Laura Kirar, the designer who contributed to this Elle Decor article I just referred to above.

If interested in meeting Laura, I know I am,  and hearing her speak, please join us in February in High Point NC. Online registration is available by clicking here.

Or for more details on agenda, speakers, or the organization itself, visit

I personally look forward to participating in this event as a member of the High Point Design Center. This will be my 3rd year wending my way to NC in Feb for UNITY,  and simply an event I look forward to every year…benefitting my self and my business.


P.S. Welcome all designer bloggers to spread the word!


Meg Braff, of Meg Braff Interiors

Meg Braff, the heart, soul, and name behind New York based Meg Braff InteriorsAND happy Antiques by Zaar customer since October 2007, has recently had her work featured in the December 2010 issue of Coastal Living…a project where she did what she loves to do…infuse a bit of Asian into the schema.

In her own words 

 ” I love using Asian pieces in my projects. They add warmth and style to the space. They also mix well with English and European furniture and give a wonderful sophisticated and eclectic look. “

Thrilled that Meg has established a relationship with Antiques by Zaar, and that as such, two of our bamboo pieces, namely a bamboo altar table, and bamboo coffee table, were poised to be part of her Bermuda Villa project, as is beautifully depicted here.

Below please enjoy further examples of  Meg accenting her rooms with a touch of Asian, followed by links to where you can find similar pieces on the Antiques by Zaar website.

Some great bookcases can be found here.

Click here to view what we have for consoles, and here for Chinese Antique Altar Tables.  

Click here to view Chinese Antique Sideboards available at Antiques by Zaar.

Click here to see what we have to offer in Chinese Antique Coffee Tables.

Click here to view our collection of Chinese Antique Chairs.

Thank you Meg…..

for allowing me to share these photos with my audience of readers and look forward to  working with you further on your projects, as a source for your touch of Asian.


P.S. If you want to read more on Meg’s Bermuda makeover, you should check out the wonderful and warm Manner of Style blog, dated 12/3.

CD 54 Armoire


I just LOVE starting the new year, as we have for the past 10 years, with a new shipment of Chinese Antiques, to add to our offerings.

And I LOVE this  platform of a blog, combined with Facebook, LInkedIn , etc, to further spread the good news of it’s pending arrival.

Am including here a smattering of what is on this container, to whet your appetite…

Of course you can view all incoming by going to this link, or go to my website to view current items in stock, which are sorted by catagory.


Yes, 60 plus new stock numbers are wending thier way from China to the States, with first destination point being my warehouse in High Point NC. Final destination points for all pieces to be determined by my customers, BUT know 3 are already heading to Rochester NY!

NOTE: When you click on the enlargement for the incoming items you will see dimensions and retail prices noted. Designers, be sure to ask me about Trade Discounts.

A 30% non refundable deposit will secure the piece as yours, and as such will note it  as SOLD. Balance is due when shipment lands and we’re ready to ship to you/your client.

Container is due to arrive early Februray, just before Chinese New Year!

Contact me, or toll free at 1 866 868 9227/cell 207 838 2675, for further details…or leave a comment on this blog, or on facebook…whichever venue works for you.

Happy Shopping and look forward to hearing from you!


CD 49 Console

 Click here to view all consoles on my website.

CD 36 Drums

 Click here to view my large selection of Home Accents.

CD 19 Loveseat

Click here to go to seating section on my website. 

CD 13 Large Dark Natural Sideboard

Click here to view all sideboards on my site.


A smattering here, of our wonderful, one of a kind offerings.

Antiques by Zaar established itself as the first fully online based business, specializing in Chinese Antiques, in 2000….serving retail and trade customers alike. This in and of itself deserves a full blog entry…soon. In the interest of growing our trade business we started exhibiting at the High Point Furniture Market Spring of 2004.


When we started to show, we were still warehousing in Maine and thus a permanent showroom was important to us, and as such, what was offered in the Market Square building was most appealing….a building which was a wonderfully restored mill building… not unlike the mill building in which we warehoused at in Maine….a building where designers sought out new and intriquing lines.

Warmly greeted customers from Market Square 2004-2007.

Four years at Market Square, with last couple adding a 2nd space in the adjoining building Suites at Market Square, one year in Suites alone,  followed by a season in the IHFC building (Pavillions on 2) served us well.

Sidenote: Over the course of time we realized the relevance of High Point on a larger scale for our Maine based company and as such determined to move our center of business, ie, our entire inventory, to High Point.  Thus, in Spring of  2007 we started redirecting containers to High Point and spent the following year  managing locations in 2 states as we worked torwards  full move to High Point.  Spring 2008, the job was complete.

Love opportunities to promote the HPDC, here at Fall 2010 ASID Carolina's conference.

With warehouse fully in place it made sense to join the High Point Design Center and get on the bandwagon of promoting trade business in High Point year round…the reason said group exists, and yeah for us for this wonderful venue to promote our presence.


Ah, the decisions we had to make to stay in business during this most challenging of economic times.  And how auspicious of us to have made the decision to move our inventory to High Point BEFORE the bottom fell out of the economy….

The next decision was tougher. Exhibiting in a Market showroom, making people aware of our newly established warehouse, was, what I thought, the perfect scenario. Have a prescence in a established building and offer ALL of my collection for ready viewing just a few short miles away.

Relaxing at the end of our first successful showing from our warehouse/showroom, Fall 2009.

But as the economy took its toll on my sales I had a choice to make…spend my $$$ on inventory or spend it on a showroom…Sadly, I didn’t have the resources for both.  I knew I wanted to stay in business, and although my committment to the Market Showrooms was high, the right thing for my business over rode such, and so, a decision was made, that would serve the future existance of my precious business.

So, with bated breath I let my everybody know that my warehouse would also serve as my showroom, this announcement made exactly a year ago. With my loyal sales associate/showroom designer, and so much more,  Jeff Moore, by my side, we created a new strategy and made it work!

So happy that I’m here to write about it, and tell you about my new and improved  location, from which we will be showing from in just a couple of weeks time.

My landlord, West Express, also happens to be one of my trusted shippers, relocated this Fall and I moved with him. Thus you can find Antiques by Zaar , and more…more about the “more” in following blog….at 220 Feld Avenue, just under 3 miles from downtown High Point!

Very much look forward to meeting and greeting all those that are interested in purusing our fine line of Chinese Antiques…either during Market or following, as we are open, by appointment, year round.

Kris and Kathy Coupland, of Vanderveer Imports, and Trade Partners with Antiques by Zaar, are graciously hosting a “Sip and See” for the High Point Design Center Designer Wedensday.

Thrilled for them to be hosting this and am equally thrilled that I will be able to be there to meet and greet as well.

So, for Designers in the area, be sure to drop in at 400 Mandustry St, to view the latest and greatest from Vanderveer and Antiques by Zaar.

 Drop by between 1:30 and 3:30 and see our wonderful pieces as well as Antique by Zaar’s furniture, and treat yourself to a refreshing wine spritzer, while perusing the extensive collection of Chinese Antiques and porcelain, as presented by Antiques by Zaar and Vanderveer respectively.

We so look forward to seeing you.

Feel free to give a call for questions or clarification.  As I’ll be on the road, best to reach me on my cell at 207 838 2675, or by email at . Yes, JUST got connected with my biz email on my iphone. Love it, love it, love it!


P.S.  For preview of Antiques by Zaar offerings visit


From Main/English St.: down English 3 miles.
Left onto South Road & go 1/2 mile.
Left onto Lambeth and continue 1/4 to warehouse/showroom


…and showing in High Point Market this Spring together!

Yes, it is official.

Kat Burki is on the ready to introduce thier newest line of upholstered furniture and styling pillows at High Point Furniture Market April 17-22.

Antiques by Zaar is excited to have them showcase these goods alongside our complementary collection of Chinese Antiques.

400 Mandustry St, High Point NC is the place to visit us both.

Saturday April 17th is official opening date for Market but we will be set up and ready to receive appointments Friday April 16th.

Contact Ruth either by email at or by phone at 866 868 9227 for  Antiques by Zaar appointment.

check my goods out at

Contact Lauren by email at or by phone at 203 256 5817.

…and check out Kat Burki at

And yes, we will be open 8:00-5:00 throughout Market.

We look forward to meeting and greeting you in High Point next month!


Arianna, in Singapore...China Town specifically.

No, I’m not changing the name of my blog. Rather, I am pleased to introduce you to my daughter’s first posting of her blog, which she has titled Life on the Ladder.

Arianna, my middle child, and I had the pleasure of spending some great one on one time together this past month when I went to visit her in Singapore, where she is doing a semester abroad with her University. I did write a blog on the Singapore visit  (click here) and a 2nd one on our time at the beach in Langkawi Malaysia (click here).

What I didn’t mention in the latter blog was the spark that was ignited with my daughter as I discussed my “vision” for where I’d like to take Antiques by Zaar, the family business, in its 2nd decade. I was pleased for her enthusiastic support of how I would like to broaden my scope in years to come.

An "inspiring" view in Langkawi...

Well, one thing has led to another and said business student has jumped right on in, with both feet, and excitedly is putting the pedal to the metal, joining with me to keep the Antiques by Zaar name out there…as it continues to serve as a great source for Chinese Antiques, as well as offer a platform to show the value in collaborating, communicating, and connecting.

Yes, the economy has been a challenge, but as you’re sure to hear me say…”the economy serves as a great equalizer”…as we have ALL have had to adjust as to how we’ve done business if we remain interested in staying in business. We’ve all had to implement cost effective strategies and have had to exercise creativity more than ever before.

Whether you like it or not (and I LOVE IT!)  “social media’ and the trend to “build relationships” before doing the “sell”  is THE way to go and not to be ignored. Trend it may be, but truly how I have made my online business work, one sale at a time…starting from nothing but a thought that I could do this. 10 years later I’m here  to stay!

the family businessAside from the fact that my company is named after my kids (ZAAR = Zach, Ari, Avery, and Ruth. Can read About Us on our site.) their past participation has been more of a latent nature….although I must credit Zachary for doing all of my graphic work for advertising, mailings and mangaing the editing of photos for my product. Avery is on board for data base and inventory management and Arianna is taking on managing my marketing. All of this is done remotely, with Ari still in Singapore for 3 more months and Zach and Avery in Montreal (McGill students)

So, welcome to Arianna’s blog. Click here for her first posting of my young lady  who is on her Ladder of Life.  You shall be hearing more from the both of us going forward.