CD 54 Armoire


I just LOVE starting the new year, as we have for the past 10 years, with a new shipment of Chinese Antiques, to add to our offerings.

And I LOVE this  platform of a blog, combined with Facebook, LInkedIn , etc, to further spread the good news of it’s pending arrival.

Am including here a smattering of what is on this container, to whet your appetite…

Of course you can view all incoming by going to this link, or go to my website to view current items in stock, which are sorted by catagory.


Yes, 60 plus new stock numbers are wending thier way from China to the States, with first destination point being my warehouse in High Point NC. Final destination points for all pieces to be determined by my customers, BUT know 3 are already heading to Rochester NY!

NOTE: When you click on the enlargement for the incoming items you will see dimensions and retail prices noted. Designers, be sure to ask me about Trade Discounts.

A 30% non refundable deposit will secure the piece as yours, and as such will note it  as SOLD. Balance is due when shipment lands and we’re ready to ship to you/your client.

Container is due to arrive early Februray, just before Chinese New Year!

Contact me, or toll free at 1 866 868 9227/cell 207 838 2675, for further details…or leave a comment on this blog, or on facebook…whichever venue works for you.

Happy Shopping and look forward to hearing from you!


CD 49 Console

 Click here to view all consoles on my website.

CD 36 Drums

 Click here to view my large selection of Home Accents.

CD 19 Loveseat

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CD 13 Large Dark Natural Sideboard

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Per my blog of yesterday I made mention of the fact that we were featured in the Home In Style Magazine in  2005…the one that Sandy made me aware of.  Of course there’s a small story behind that armoire getting from here (which was Maine) to there (NYC) in time for said photo shoot ….

Tracy posing for the Suede spread on her updated dwellings.

I had been on the phone with Tracy Reese (yes, of Juicy Couture and Plenty) that morning, discussing the purchase of the very armoire that was featured in the article. I was at the warehouse working with my shipper, who had just  loaded his truck and was on his way to Boston. They had all but left when she called to confirm, not only that she wanted the armoire but that she NEEDED it within the next week, in time for a professional photo shoot that was being slated for her newly decorated apartment.

 Quickly I got on the phone with my delivery service to let them know that it looked like I would be driving to Boston (and thus please hold that truck to NY)  to deliver this armoire so it could make the next truck to NY, which would indeed get there in the alloted time. “Chance” would have it that the truck (with my other orders) had broken down and was sitting on the side of the highway (about 40 minutes from my warehouse) waiting for service. And yes, that meant I had time to load that baby into my SUV and book it to meet the truck that would keep the delivery on schedule. Little did I know that by getting this piece on its way as I did that I would be able to look forward to exposure in not just one but two magazines, as she was also featured in Suede, as shown here on the left.

Don’t you love how great the red armoire looks against the red wall? And to think that she did the “match” from an online photo….talk about Bold. But that seems to be her persona and it seems to be working for her, per the amazing

Red on red...gotta say it does look great!

success of her clothing lines. Just look who is wearing Tracy Reese…none other than those wow singers Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.  And on another note, do check out the No Bull Blog, where Tracy’s raison d’etre is spotlighted…” When we lead with love, passion ensues and the outcome of our efforts is immeasurable. Man can put hard work into anything. However, hard work without love and passion will cause you to hit that glass ceiling you once heard about.”

….and back to my passion, providing you with a fine experience shopping for Chinese Antiques.

Yes, we do have more armoires, and a whole lot more on our website. Join the many that have jumped in and shopped online Antiques by Zaar. Our inhouse inventory can be found on our website and to get a peak (and yes, we are taking deposits) on some pieces we have purchased and will be shipping out of China in January, please click here.

Antiques by Zaar : High Point Furniture Market


toll free: 1 866 868 9227

cell 207 838 2675

Antiques by Zaar, High Point Showroom

Antiques by Zaar, High Point Showroom

High Point: From Market and Beyond


Have been exhibiting at the High Point Furniture Market since 2005 and as such have just finished my ninth Market. No, not a landmark number for me but landmark in that I have gone from having a minuscule presence in High Point with Spring and Fall Markets, housing my inventory in Maine, and only making the semi annual trips to High Point for the Market events. The completion of moving our base of business from Maine to High Point was cause for a Press Release which has been distributed through various online sources as well as in print in Furniture Today. (Thank you Furniture Today for timing the posting of that for Monday’s Daily Market edition!)


Yes, Market for Spring 2009 is over as is the anticipation of what it would bring, in particular considering these economic times. What it brought to my table is a wonderful collection of people that either discovered us or were drawn to us by our ads, editorial inclusions, or our website.


What I like about Market is meeting my customers/prospects face to face. I do so much of my business online and on the phone and this is an opportunity for me to shake hands, put a face to a name and recall warmly what made this person and their company special.


 Now, I am excited about taking advantage of the venues available to me to further communicate with all of these folks. Yes, monthly newsletters will be posted. Blogs will be weekly (at minimum) and I will also be communicating on the High Point Design Center Linked In group, which I manage.


Please join me as I share perspectives on Market and business in High Point following Market.

Antiques by Zaar, High Point, NC Warehouse

Antiques by Zaar, High Point, NC Warehouse


As such, the High Point Design Center is hosting the “Spring Fling” sale Wednesday May 13th and Antiques by Zaar will be open at our warehouse location, 400 Mandustry St, High Point. Jeff Moore will be there to meet and greet. You will be amazed by our array of Chinese antique sideboards, consoles, armoires, chairs, coffee tables, tea tables, artwork and more.

For those of that came to Market, thank you and shall stay in touch. For those of you that were unable to attend, shall offer a perspective such that you can feel part of it.



The Mill House Inn, East Hampton, NY

The Mill House Inn, East Hampton, NY

May 2002 The Mill House Inn found Antiques by Zaar online, and that was the beginning of what has been a wonderful relationship between the owners of these two businesses, which continues on to this day.


The owners of both companies share a passion for Asian furniture and as one was in the business of importing and selling it and the other was in the business of furbishing their new venture, that being a guesthouse in East Hampton NY, there was good cause for these two businesses to come together.


In keeping with the personal nature of product/service offered the owners of both companies also share in their commitment to their customers/clients; working tirelessly to give them the ultimate experience. For the antique seller, making it easy for their customers to navigate their website, to know who they are buying from, to be readily available to send additional photos, answer questions and expeditiously ship. For the Inn Keepers it meant creating a warm and inviting environment for their guests, as well as providing every extra you could imagine, including a hearty and beautifully presented breakfast that is the talk of the Island.


Over the years Gary and Sylvia Muller, proprietors of Mill House Inn, have continued to upgrade their facilities, furbished a lovely East Hampton home, (which they have subsequently sold and replaced with the purchase of a sprawling farm in VT), and now have opened another delightful oasis for guests, by way of Graybarn Cottage.

chinese_red_armoire_thumb3All the while they have continued to rely on AbyZaar as their source to inculcate their facilities/homes with an Asian infusion, with no less than 62 pieces!


As a guest of the Mullers’ summer of 2007 I can personally vouch for the phenomenal experience any guest can anticipate at the Inn and it something not to be missed. And their special touch has now been extended by way of the Graybarn Cottage, which has just opened.


Please enjoy visiting our Galleria of Collectors where you can see a sampling our AbyZaar’s pieces in their East Hampton home, and also in the Mill House Inn. (More photos to be included on recent shipment received and placed in Graybarn.)


And should you be looking for a getaway, and a breathtaking experience, you MUST consider what Gary and Sylvia so proudly and warmly offer by way of The Mill House Inn and now Graybarn Cottage.

Happy to have them, not only as customers, but also good friends.


Ruth Olbrych
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Am in the process of ticking and tying my Christmas newsletter which will go to 3,700 plus people (customers/prospects) on my mailing list early next week.  I feel good about the fact that I am diligent in the posting of this newsletter as I am in the posting of a Christmas card (which Zach designs for me) to our customer list of 1,300.

My diligence however, in staying in touch with people that are not on either of these lists is less than impressive and gives me cause for personal recrimination on a yearly basis.  I am hoping to alleviate a good deal of this via the publication of this blog. Yes, have found yet another reason to be writing via this venue on a regular basis. (Only now to make all those fine people aware of this posting.)

My Christmas is all about a few basic things and is focused around having all my children around me. Yes, all have returned from school (Zach and Avery from McGill in Montreal and Ari from U of Western Ontario in London) for the Holidays. The girls have fulfilled the baking requirements for the Season and have assembled plates (not unlike what we did when they were much younger) to give to thier friends and we have warmed up the Scrabble board for competive (yet friendly) games. I have had my Christmas concerts and party following, both of which give me great joy. And of course a litter (our 6th) of pups adds to everyone’s pleasure.

And now, by way of this edition of my blog, I am adding to my Christmas cheer by further spreading the word of what’s up with us. I would welcome word from you.

2008 has been one of dramtic changes, all of which serve as a solid launch pad for what promises to be an exiting ride in 2009.

I look forward to keeping you abreast of all and similarly hearing from you.

So, from our house to yours,  nothing but the best of wishes for Happy Holidays, and a Magnificant New Year!