abyzaar showroom pic….easily accessible by the Go Anywhere bus during Market, AND available ALL YEAR, by appointment,  for To The Trade Customers!

There’s alot of buzz going on about the revitalization of High Point and how it can, and should, be so much more than home to the twice hpdc logo squareannual Furniture Market.  I have been a believer of  this for years, in particular at the level of being a destination point for designers to shop between markets in addition to during markets. High Point Design Center, a group I joined in 2008, has this at the core of it’s mission, and I deeply respect all that they have done and continue to do to support this.  Yes, it is by working together that we can make  this a reality, and I love the collaborative Spirit amongst the showroom members that emulate this.  However, there are many businesses in High Point, available to do business year round, that you might not know about.  Some “secrets” in High Point that shouldn’t be a secret if you will.

With this in mind I am excited to introduce to you, a neighbor of mine, that I have  only recently been made of aware of, that , like me, has turned their warehouse into their showroom.  If I didn’t know about them, and they are only 1 mile from me, I am guessing you don’t know about them either, and thus this introduction is my Gift to you, because you’re going to love what they have.

C & S Acosta, in business since 1985, like Antiques by Zaarin business since 1999, is a family business, and have been showing in High Point for over a decade.  And like Antiques by Zaar, their focus is on Asian product.

In their words…

2014-04-09 14.11.06“We are probably best known for our beautiful selection of blue and white hand-painted 2014-04-09 14.17.50porcelain and antique reproductions of bronze sculptures imported from Thailand. However, over the years, our collection has expanded to include accent furniture, wooden handicrafts and magnificent mirrors that are made in other regions and exotic islands of Southeast Asia.”

Get a sneak peak of their fabulous warehouse/showroom here. Product is not only exquisite but well priced.

If you have a need for beautiful Asian furniture or porcelain, you do need to check out the both of us.

Antiques by Zaar, is at ZAAR Design Center, at 741 West Ward (A on map).

NOTE: Although address is West Ward, the entrance ZAAR flagis on Green. Look for the bright yellow flags. C& S Acosta (B on map)  is but a mile from us. Continue down West Green (left  hand turn), turn right onto West Market Drive  and turn right when you see Trucking company  sign. They are located in building behind that business.

abyzaar to acosta map

Know that ZAAR will have a smattering of C & S Acosta’s merchandise displayed at ZAAR , just to give you a taste of the fine craftsmanship of their product.

ZAAR is open 9;00- 5:00 from Saturday April 18th, through to Thursday April 23th, hosting a lunch n learn with Deb Barrett on Sunday April 19th, starting at 12:00 CEU Credit course….and although not required, RSVP appreciated.

Look forward to seeing you.



Dusting. Not a fan. And yesterday afternoon as I donned the duster and spray I moaned the fact that this had to simply be the epitome of working IN my business, not ON my business. What was up? Was I not making any kind of headway? Anyone can do this. How did I manage end up with duster in hand, doing THIS job? I was supposed to be concentrating on “big picture” stuff, not dusting!

But, there was no one else available…..at least not during the time I had allocated to do it. …and, per below, it appeared that I NEEDED this job, at this time, to put things into perspective, for that “big picture.”

NOTE: with the help I did have yesterday we, together, did the “heavy” ,thoughtful and relevant work of setting up the showroom, placing the new load of chesterfields and chairs that greeted me on my loading dock yesterday. Yes, we were looking pretty, but, still, sadly, dusty .


Was going to start in the back, as it seemed to be the dustiest, but then determined better to start at the front, for, IF I didn’t get the job100_2739 done (which I pretty much did…yeah me!) then at least when people entered they would feel welcomed straight away, and that was the start of a change of attitude.

What was I whining about? I expected people to come by and I wanted them to feel that we had prepared for their arrival, that they felt welcomed. I should be excited to dust, to anticipate, and yes, to welcome.

And so, to the drone of the fluorescent lights  I made my way through each of the 3 rooms of my 12,000 square foot showroom, putting out the welcome mat with each spray and swish….all the while in a rather communal state as  I reconnected with my purpose.

zaarlogo2Antiques by Zaar, my now 13 year old business of providing customers with beautifully hand picked treasures from China.  Antiques by Zaar, that business that has opened up my world to a bevy of people that I otherwise would never have met. Antiques by Zaar, that entity that I’ve chosen as the vehicle to give me voice. Antiques by Zaar, that anchor for the newer ZAAR Design Center.

ZDC_topAh, ZAAR Design Center. That vision of creating a collaborative showroom. ZAAR Design Center, a venue for companies to showcase their product all year round in High Point, not only during Markets but also in between….supporting the mission of the High Point Design Center.  ZAAR Design Center, that “address” for those that appreciate the value of a High Point address, with or without another showroom.  ZAAR Design Center, a warm place to do business with more than a handful of companies that have great product, represented by people of great substance.  ZAAR Design Center,  a good place to do business from and a good place to grow….together.


DSCN8193You might question is this for real? She went down this road while dusting?  I truly did and I felt so compelled to share this as it is simply yet another example of how an attitude change can altar your mindset for a job at hand.  Frankly, I think it surprised me that I got so reflective and full of “warm fuzzies” while dusting.  Yes, I hate dusting at the best of times (not quite as much as vacuuming and ironing though) and thus why I think it so relevant that I was able to Shift as I did. My mind was open to it and I allowed it, and it happened, and when I Ieft yesterday I did so with   knowing that when I opened the doors today that I, AND my guests, would most definitely feel WELCOMED, as I had prepared…and yes, dusted.


Last week, during the HPDC Designer Wed, we had the pleasure of a visit from Joyce Allen-Crawford. The intention of her antiques by zaar prizevisit was two fold. As owner of her own design business she was scouting out pieces for her clients, and as Manager for the High Point Convention and Visitors Bureau, she was delivering the token of their appreciation as shown here.

Joyce and I met several years back, through our mutual association in the High Point Design Center and thus she was aware of my antique business and the fact that my warehouse for my collection was located in High Point….actually, quite literally 1 mile down the road from the Convention Center/Visitors Bureau.  She was also aware of my interest in doing whatever I could to support driving business…retail or trade, to boost the commerce happening in High Point.

Thus, it was a shoe in for Joyce when she first set foot in our showroom. She quite simply needed to  decide what would work best in the Center. Per the photos below, you can see that our pieces pull together the setting quite nicely.


mongolian sideboard, pumpkin stools

Great job Joyce. My Mongolian chest,  black pumpkin stools and love seat have added to the warmth created by Joyce…with further contributions from several other furniture companies based in High Point.

abyzaar_post_front_fall12Thrilled to be able to add to the ambiance of the Welcome Center and also to have this venue to promote my business. Yes, we keep a nice stash of post cards available, shown here on the left, to offer contact info, as well as keeping a basket of fortune cookies available…with our business card attached of course.

And similarly, am happy for the opportunity to offer yet another furniture shopping resource to visitors to High Point. All good for everyone eh?


100_1505FYI, yet another hat Joyce wears, as she serves as rep for the jewelry line Cookie Lee.  Thrilled that she joined several vendors in November at our first annual ZAAR Design Center Christmas Bazaar. We had a great day…first hosting guests from the High Point Design Center and later in the day from WITHIT….evening event punctuated a potluck dinner and presentation from Kimberly Stone ,WITHIT and ZDC member, of Sans Souci Sisters, sharing the story behind the very personal hand made creations in her Santa Claus’s.  Check out photos from that great event here.

Anybody that knows me knows that I LOVE opening my home for a party. Well, as  the heart and soul behind Antiques by Zaar and ZAAR Design Center, I am beyond thrilled to be opening my “business home” for it’s first annual Christmas party.

Yes, it is a bazaar, but it really is a party…a place for you to warmly invite in the Holiday Spirit, to be infused by the creativity of others, to be welcomed into a showroom that exudes excitement, as the collaborative Spirit of the 15 companies that show/sell product there, all culminate in a beautifully staged setting…of course, decorated for the Holiday Season.

I am so excited to welcome you in, and know that if you can’t make it in person that we shall know you are with us in Spirit, and perhaps will join us at another time. Whether you are able to join us or not, please Do read below for details of what is planned….

WHEN?  Oh my, it’s this Wednesday, November 14thwhich not so coincidentally is also Designer Wed,  starting at 9:00 and going through to 5:00 pm.

WHERE? In the former Drexel Heritage Factory @ 741 West Ward Ave, High Point, NC. Right on the corner of Ward and Green.

WHO’S INVITED? Anyone that wants to be infused with the Christmas Spirit, and while you’re at it get a jump start on Holiday Shopping…or just come along and join us for Hot Cider and Ginger Snaps, a visit and a good look around.



Kimberly Stone of Sans Souci Sisters…. appropriately being introduced @ ZAAR for the first time. Specializing in custom heirloom Santa Claus.

Kathleen Holterman of Holterman and Company…with her vibrant collection of oil paintings.

Dave and Barbara McGinnis of Wood n’ Clay Studio, a husband and wife team with talent to burn…or should I say turn wood and throw pottery.

…and of course all of above will have handiwork to sell, or you can special order.


Jeff, Sherry, Julia, Alice and yours truly.

…and lastly what is a Bazaar without asking, WHAT IS THERE TO BUY…in addition to above noted? Yes, there is So Much MORE!


Aria: Jewelry, Scarves and Dresses

Cookie Lee: More jewelry

Designed to Heal: Monica Hodges with her new line of  home made soaps!


Product from People that are Passionate about their businesses and are gathered together @ ZAAR to give YOU a Special Shopping Experience.

note: please excuse lack of photos below…computer glitch, but please check out this album on facebook for some wonderful product photos, to lure you in 🙂

Lamps Galore:

Flambeau  moved their entire Suites showroom into ZAAR and are JUST newly installed, chandeliers and all!  But we also have lamps from Lorna Dewey and Antiques by Zaar.

Artificial Plants and Trees:

New Growth Design are THE best at what they do, with a made in North Carolina product that can’t be beat. (Had the pleasure of touring their facility this past Sunday!)

Italian Pottery:

Fortunata has the corner on that one.

Other Home Accents:

pottery and wood pieces from Wood n Clay, iron work wall art and nick knacks  from Haiti and porcelain and wood stools from Antiques by Zaar.

More Artwork: 

Kathleen Holterman is joined by another local artist Katy Allgeyer, who is now on an amazing trip of a lifetime with her boyfriend Scott Morgan. She blogs about it regularly here…is worthy to follow this journey.

yet more distinctive  art by the Elizabeth Lucas Company.

….and gripping photography by Bruce Barone of Massachusetts and Sylvia Muller of East Hampton NY.


Lorna Dewey and Antiques by Zaar present very different but equally appealing product.

Pillows and Throws:

The Oriole Mill, yes another made in North Carolina product, has a line exclusive to ZAAR available to purchase.

And then there is FURNITURE:

From the UK:

Touchwood, Lorna Dewey and Distinctive Chesterfields.

From the US:

Cabeen Originals, and Bellascenda.

…and from China, Antiques by Zaar.

And ALL of this is so beautifully positioned that each persons product accents the other.

Do come and enjoy what we have prepared for you to experience, and no better time than to do so then now.

So very much look forward to welcoming you!

Ruth, for all!

866 868 9227/ZAAR


…OR Change, Change, Change, OR Ending a Chapter/Starting a Chapter, OR to Uplifting and Being Uplifted, OR We Women Rock….or simply Thank YOU!

Yes, this blog has been mulling about in my head for weeks now….feeling the need to acknowledge not only what has been a very clear change in my life, central to this being the recent sale and move from what was our home in Maine for the past 13 years….to starting a new life in Maryland, address yet to be confirmed, but to also acknowledge the forces that have contributed to getting me from “there to here” and which I count on getting me from “here to there”

Yes, I am very well aware that it is all “up to me” but I cannot deny the “forces’ of which I speak of, which come in the form of  that growing bevy of womankind which have come into my Life, and which I can call my friends.

To my Maine based gals….

I thank you for sending me off so well. For those that attended my pre launch of yard sale party, to those that similarly attended the lovely soiree at Connemara Farm, by Anne, my neighbor and friend… to the  many that I was able to connect with for a farewell lunch or dinner.  I felt so incredibly embraced and loved.

For you, Nancy Morin, YOU were by my side for almost an entire year as we moved from one stage to another in making the move happen….moving forward when I felt stalled, assuring me of your calm presence and assistance right to the day the movers showed up.  You kept me from going over the edge, and I felt there often, and quite simply pressed on. I purged and you packed. You organized my barn into a full fledged Good Will Store for 2 two day yard sales and posted items on Craig’s List so I could do my part and sell sell sell.

To Nancy Strojny, my SCORE mentor and Carol Emerson of Custom House Business Services, I thank you for giving me latitude as I allowed this move to consume me emotionally, BUT did your jobs and brought me back, reminding me of the business that is mine/dependent on me to breathe life into it and spurring me to the next step knowing when this move was behind me that I would return to  nurture and grow this Gift I have in my business.

To my daughter Avery, who upon graduation from college, yup, last one!  and after being away at school for the last 4 years… spent a full 3 months with me. What a delight!

To my team in North Carolina, Jeff Moore and Sherry Mitchell, who, over the summer did a phenomenal job keeping all in a forward moving motion, initiating a complete revamp of the ZAAR Design Center, managing Designer Wednesdays and more. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. check out pix of the fine work here…and plan to come have dessert with us 9/12/12 and see for yourself! I’ll be there.

These forces, these women, all helped get me from There to Here, and I know that they remain with me as I continue to move on.

Further to this I add as a collective, the fine Women I find myself connected to through my membership in Withit.

How great it was to attend the recent WITHIT conference which was themed Pathways to Success: Strategies, Connections & Meaning.  A conference I touted I knew I couldn’t afford to miss, and as I shared on Leslie Carouther’s facebook….

I went to the conference this year, as I have past 2 years, KNOWING what I was needing/expecting…not only from the exceptional speakers I knew would be lined up, but also from the opportunity to meet/get to know better, the wonderful array of professional women that run and attend this conference. I was not to be disappointed in the least. If there was to be a big takeaway it is that simple reminder that it is indeed all up to me and it is indeed possible…to do/be all that I vision for myself. The conference itself is such a great venue for exceptional giving and getting.

Nuts and bolts is that were it not for the exceptional women that I’ve allowed into my life, and I’ve just scratched the surface here, my life would be so “without”. What I love is that there is as much giving as getting that goes on….that as I have been uplifted I know I have uplifted others, that as I have been mentored, that I can also offer mentoring. There is no base line here. It is a kinship of Kindred Souls….each of us reaching, each of us relating, each of us caring and each of sharing.

It is by doing all of this that we can indeed get from there to here, and move from here to there…each finding our way to do what we can to Elevate ourselves,  Be our Best Selves, and Shine Shine Shine.

….and so onward we go, individually, yet collectively, to make a difference for ourselves and to those whose lives we touch and whose lives subsequently touch us.

Yes, thank you for Being a Friend.


As member of the High Point Design Center, Antiques by Zaar participates by being OPEN for each “Designer Wednesday” Event, which is held the 2nd Wed of each month…less July, April and October.

Wanted you to know a couple of things regarding these dates….

Warehouse/Showroom: 220 Feld Ave, High Point, NC

 …where you have the BONUS of viewing/shopping the Antiques by Zaar online store in person, but also have opportunity to purchase product from the following companies, who show with me.

FortunataCabeen Originals, Touchwood UK, Bellascenda and Kat Burki

….Should you prefer the convenience of not leaving downtown High Point, you can also find us showing in the “World’s Largest Chest of Drawers“…an iconic and historic landmark in High Point, and easy to spot/find 🙂 …just look for the 38′ tall bureau @ 508 North Hamilton.

…and while in the area you want to check out the newly opened Shane’s Collection on the corner of Main and Kivett, where a smattering of Antiques by Zaar pieces are also being presented in a delightful mix of furniture and accessories priced to sell.

High Point NC, truly is a “City of Showrooms”….and Antiques by Zaar/ZAAR Design Center is thrilled to boast a valiant presence in this furniture mecca.

Be sure to check us out!



A month ago today I packed my bags for what would be a month long road trip…..the impetus of said trip being a combination of personal and business matters, and which would add 5,000 miles onto my KIA and take me from my Maine home base to New York (3 stops), High Point NC, Ottawa Ontario and Montreal Quebec….and alot of places in between getting from here to there and back again.

So, here I am on the other side of what was a great trip, and am enjoying the “look back” as I share with my world some highlights below….and more specifically, at later dates….just  getting myself  back into the “blogosphere” here ….

Super Bowl Sunday @ Graybarn Cottage

…hosted by proprietors Gary and Sylvia Muller, customers/friends of Antiques by Zaar for almost 10 years now, was great.  How delightful to be invited to take in the Super Bowl, admitting here not a huge follower, just like to be part of the “event” that capsulates the season, with the Mullers and their friends…and see first hand how wonderful our altar works in their well appointed “cottage”.

  If you want to see more photos of Graybarn Cottage or the Mill House Inn…or look into either place as a venue for your next pampered getaway, simply go to www.millhouseinn.com .

Unity in Design Event: High Point NC

This was my 3rd year participating in the HPDC’s   “winter event” and ironically enough, each year the weather seems to be colder and colder AND definitely progressively more snow than one would expect to deal with in North Carolina. Thankfully the cold temperatures/tenuous road conditions didn’t get in the way of this event being the success it is each year.

ZAAR (Design Centre/Antiques by…)  took particular pleasure in hosting lunch/presentation in our chilly warehouse/showroom Thursday Feb 10th.  Hot dishes from Emerywood warmed our insides and Bobbie Cox of Dragonfly Designs enraptured her audience with her presentation.

Thank you ALL!  Bobbie, for offering such insight and having such an engaging presentation that was relevant  to those currently in the business and to those prospectives… yes, we were graced by presence of a lovely group of design students from Western Carolina University, and to the  gathering we had to take it all in. Also to members of the ZAAR Design Center for their help and participation, namely Vanderveer Imports, Kat Burki, Bellescenda, and Touchwood. Click here for luncheon photos, just a few…was too busy chatting up….


After a busy and uplifting 3.5 days in North Carolina, it was back to New York for a few days…with one of the highlights of my time working from there being a visit with Antiques by Zaar customer/friends Catherine Kovins and Thom Januaz .  I love it when “lunch” becomes an event that takes you right to dinner…yes, that is how the time flowed visiting, talking and simply enjoying the face to face interaction as catylst to recent years communicating on the phone/via email.  I very much look forward to our next meeting, which we are hoping to do during Asia Week in NYC.

Black lacquered sideboard and mirror, purchased from AbyZaar, worked too perfectly in the Master Suite of Catherine and Thom’s home. Click here to view other photos of how they mixed Asian in their gorgeous home.

The wedding of my nephew Casey Wall to Cheryl Grossman, was the impetus for my trip taking me to Ottawa Ontario.  As I am the only sibling that is “away”, it is great to have such an oppotunity to catch up and celebrate…in some cases reconnecting with people I hadn’t seen in over 2 decades! Cheryl was the consumate blushing bride, could her smile have been any wider?, the service touching and the reception, held at the War Museum…well, a great party. Click here to view photos of the event.

Montreal and final trip to NY was for my family…returning one college daughter to McGill after a brief visit to Maine during her winter break, and 2nd daughter to NY to catch a plane to get back to finish her last semester at University of Western Ontario…2nd college graduation in 2 years, and 3rd one following next year. Oh my!

This but scratches the surface of the most recent run about and you’ll read about more in months to follow as Antiques by Zaar moves forward and my family moves around. Yes, Life is Good.