Maria Hasenecz, the heart and soul of Livable Landscapes, based out of Wyndmoor PA,  first found Antiques by Zaar in 2007, at which time  she bought an unassming but pivotal piece, that being a black lacquered coffee table, for her living room,  which she  readily and enthusiastically shared  photos of such in place…which she also offered me to share  in the Home Gallery on my website.

When she called me earlier this year regarding a 2nd purchase, which requires a blog all of it’s own…now there’s a story! she shared with me her continued affection for her original purchase and how well it transitioned with her room as she slapped a coat of paint on the walls, reupholstered her sofa,  changed her curtains and accessories. Wow!

In Maria’s words… “I love how your Chinese pieces are timeless and will never go out of style. They add a global exotic feel, readily blend with a variety of other antique styles, while adding character to our room. It easily transitioned to our new decorative scheme”……

Maria’s personality, we’ve only “met” on the phone/email, but feel like “kindred Spirits“, is warm and effusive, as is evidenced in the lovely garden settings she creates for her clients…of course, throwing into her schema’s a dash of good “feng shui” as she positions a touch of the Orient in said settings…as they say…a picture is worth a thousand words….

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