A Brief History:

In 1999, upon moving to the States, following 8 years in Asia, my husband and I established Zaar Enterprises, and shortly thereafter Antiques by Zaar….the first true “etailer” of Chinese Antique Furniture. 

10 years, thousands of pieces of furniture and hundreds of customers later, we are simply thrilled for the additional venues made available, such as this blog platform, to give prospective customers a chance to get to know us, and our product, before taking the plunge. Yes, shopping online for a big ticket item can be daunting at best, but I am here to tell you that you will be well taken care of, and given the highest quality of product, with care and attention from yours truly.

So, check us out at www.antiquesbyzaar.com or follow me/personal profile, or Antiques by Zaar, on facebook.

Yes, I do “tweet” but all notes also go to my facebook /personal profile page  which is where you can best keep abreast of my blog entries, newsletters, as well as promoting dear friends and family…such as my son’s cake business www.zcakelab.com .

Welcome to my Antiques by Zaar family!



3 Responses to “Antiques by Zaar: Chinese Antiques On Line”

  1. Ellen KesslerDesigns Says:

    difficult website to see merchandise

  2. msantiques Says:

    Glad to know you are following and checking us out. Will try and keep all (tweets and products) interesting and give reason to maintain your interest.
    P.S. Let me know if you’d be interested in joining my online newsletter list…would be happy to include you.

  3. enjoyed your web site and you tweets …. will keep visiting … interesting pieces … thank you …

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