abyzaar trad homeYou can’t imagine my delight when I received this sweet tweet from Suysel Cunningham, advising me of the inclusion of Antiques by Zaar in the most recent article produced by Traditional Home announcing the new  fabric line put out by Tilton Fenwick for Duralee. pg 34-35.

In an accompanying email it was evident that Suysel was excited for this exposure for my collection/wanting me to know that Antiques by Zaar would be listed as a resource within the pages of the magazine. Here she was introducing a new fabric line and taking the time to ensure I was tuned into this publicity for my business?!

This personableness is further reflected in how Suysel and Anne chose to name many of their fabrics for the people that have supported their business…ie Quintessence fabric being named after the blog with that same name as penned by Stacey Bewkes. See her comprehensive blog here, on the Tilton Fenwick fabric line intro.

So, congratulations to Suysel and Anne, being the tilton fenwick-the gals“shooting  stars” that you have been in the few short years of your collaboration….notably acknowledged by TradHome back in May, 2011, and which I wrote about here, along with my own history being on the pages of  Traditional Home magazine, which begins with inclusion in the 2008 article, “Its Good to be Ching”  ..and more specifically for this most recent accomplishment where you simply continue to shine…and with so much style!

My own association with Tilton Fenwick does go back a ways…to the time when Suysel was working for Markham Roberts, when she landed online at Antiques by Zaar  for her project work, and delightfully so, for herself personally as well.  That takes us back to 2005, when she purchased the classic black sideboard featured in the article, where the teams fabric line is so beautifully showcased and the sideboard serves as a relevant accent to complement the ensemble.

Tilton Fenwick- abyzaar copy

From that beginning, where we were introduced by way of our mutual love of Chinese Antiques, followed by a few chatty calls, we have continued to  maintain a salient presence in each other’s lives for these 9 years!  and a friendship has evolved as our paths continue to cross….

…for adding a “touch of Asian” to their decorating schema s is something the team leans towards, as is  apparent from the various projects they have had published, and which  I’ve happily had a hand in and which I’m equally happy to share a smattering of here…

Purposing a Chinese Kitchen Cabinet as a linen cupboard in a bathroom….this trend written  about in my blog posting entitled, Chinese Armoires in the Bathroom? Mais Oui.

tilton fenwick-kitchen cabinetbathroom

Using a Chinese Book/Display case (and porcelain stool) in their well received showroom, a bloggers office,  for the popular  NYC fundraiser Design on a Dime, and written about here.

Tilton Fenwick

…and again, at the usage of a porcelain stool, in their Southampton 2012  Show house of which I included in a blog posting, quipping how These Gals are EVERYWHERE.


Again, congratulations and continued success to this dynamic duo. Happy  to be a part of your world and look forward to many more years of collaboration, and, yes, friendship. Just LOVE how such wonderful people come into my world by way of my business. Great stuff!


If you haven’t purchased your copy of the most recent Traditional Home you can see  the full article at this link…Tilton Fenwick- Trad Home


…and I know them, love them and want to give a shout out!

KNOW I am only scratching the surface, and I KNOW that I am one of MANY that are shouting out to Suysel and Anne and their fine work, but add to the noise I will….

So thrilled for the continued exposure and success of their 2010 established “boutique” NY based interior design business…momentum which just seems to keep on going…

V and M , Vintage and Modern, included them in an eblast that came through  my email today,where they were featured and shared some of their “likes” ….

On twitter last week I read about the gals heading to the gala event at the NY Lillian August store, launching New York City Cottages and Gardens,  where they created the window display, shown below, which will be up for this coming month. See bunches of pix here, at the Tilton Fenwick blog.

….don’t  miss the” touch of Asian” added to the mix in the attention getting window display, by way of a ceramic garden stool….something they also used in the Southampton Showhouse this past summer.

Traditional Home loves them enough that they were included in their 2011 list of top 20 designers to watch, AND, now Elle Decor has them on their watch list, as Sarah Firshein,  Curbed editor,  nominated them as Blogger’s Choice for Interior Design!

…yes, that is just a teeny bit of what these gals are up to.

LOVE all that you are doing. LOVE the energy, passion, style and sense that you exude.

Yes, a fan, and thrilled to have you as a customer and friend of myself and Antiques by Zaar.


Read previous post on Tilton Fenwick here.

Just love love love how my world keeps getting smaller and larger,  all at the same time…

Designer Suysel Cunningham first shopped Antiques by Zaar in 2005….for the clients of her then employer, Markham Roberts, and also for herself personally.  And during the past 5 years, while she commited to her new role as mother, I would keep her abreast of our activities by way of our online newsletter….

You can imagine my delight when I received an email from Suysel a couple of months ago, asking, first if I remembered her…yes, of course! and then about a piece for a client…to find that she had re entered the working world as a designer, but this time for herself, with best friend Anne …forming the newly established and widely touted NY based design firm Tilton Fenwick.

It wouldn’t take the folks at Traditional Home magazine long to start paying attention to the work of Tilton Fenwick, not only picking them as one of 20 top designers for 2011, but  further, having them design the Traditional Home sponsored vignette at the recent, fabuously successful,  Design on A Dime fundraising event supporting New Yorks Charity Housing Works.

Antiques by Zaar was thrilled to contribute to said event by way of a etagere that was part of the “design bloggers dream office”a piece which sold readily, yeah!

For additional photos/press on ALL contributions to the Design on A Dime event, visit the most impressive press page of Tilton Fenwick…great photos/great insight/great inspiration.

So, yes, Traditional Home is certainly a fan of Tilton Fenwick…placing them with 19 other expressive and impressive designers.

It is now time for the general public to cast their vote for who they feel merits the postion of TOP Designer for 2011…and thus, the voting begins…or should I say, has started, and is going on until July 12!

It’ easy,  and you can vote DAILY until 7/12.  Click here, to view the entire line up and here to specifically cast your vote for Tilton Fenwick, as I have done, and intend to do numerous times…with great joy.

…oh, and did you hear, Traditional Home continues to work with Tilton Fenwick, as they’ve  invited the design team to do a room for the Southampton Showhouse this summer. Go girls! Can’t wait to visit

Personally I couldn’t be more thrilled to have fostered relationships with both Tilton Fenwick and Traditional Home, over the past several years, and look forward to growing such in years to come.

a little of my past presence in Traditional Home

In October 08, we were featured in an article “It’s Good To Be Ching”.…and last week, during my WITHIT Inside Design tour, which I gushed about here,  I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Art and Antique editor Doris Athineos, who produced this article…felt like I was meeting an old friend.

April 2010 we were again included with a feature on designerKat Burki, who had placed an Antiques by Zaar piece in that years Southampton showhouse. Blogged about that here.

It is so inspiring to me to be working with designers of such acclaim, and such an honor to be affiliated with them in a publication that serves its audience so well…yes, in print.

To our continuous future.


P.S. Don’t forget to vote at Traditional Home for TiltonFenwick.


For those of us that took the bait to “REGISTER NOW” for the 5th annual WITHIT/Women in the Home Furnishings Industry Today,  sponsored tour, we were not to be disappointed….and having attended same tour last year, you can read about that here, I already anticipated coming away enthralled and delighted, as certainly was the case….

Per the comprehensive brochure/itinerary we all received, the tour this year was “woven together through the universal language of color“.  The “color journey” for the group began with the individual visions of the Kips Bay Showhouse designers

….the Saturday tour, which I chose to not  attend, for I had started my own personal colorful start to the weekend by tripping over my own feet Friday night, which left me with the gift of a sprained ligament. I was responsible and kept said foot up on ice all day Saturday and thus was able to join the group for the following two days.

Sunday, on a pair of crutches, my husband escorted me into the city, from Long Island, where I met up with the group at the Javits Center, where, like last year, we would visit assorted exhibits, at the ICFF /International Contemporary Furniture Fair….again, the presentation given by various exhibitors, particularly  in the Spanish Pavillion was most interesting.

Although the draw to visit the Cooper -Hewitt National Design Museum was the exhibition of “Art and Fashion by Sonia Delaunay”, have to say that visiting the colorful and exquisite Van Cleef jewellery collection had us all rather enraptured as well. Thank you to Mary Leigh, our 2011 WITHIT prez, for  chauffeuring me in the wheel chair I was offered and decided to take the break for my wounded wing.

… the finale for this jam packed day would be a cocktail party preceding a most personable presentation, with q and a time following, by Wendy Goodman, New York Magazine Design Editor, who shared with us her lifetime relationship with the iconic Gloria Vanderbilt, one built on trust, and which thusly led Gloria to  collaborate with  Wendy to do the first and only authorized illustrated biography of this legendary designer, decorator, aritist, model, muse, heiress and author. What an absolute “inside design” treat! Each of us left the evening fully enthralled…AND with an autographed copy of this hot off the press treasure trove of insight and infamous photos.

 Click image to go directly to Amazon and purchase.

….and to think we still had another full day orchestrated specifically for us….

Monday, Monday…

Armed with one crutch, yes, graduating daily, and an umbrella, I joined the group for a day FULL of color…something for everyone…starting with personalized tour of M & S Schmalberg, a “cottage industry” in the heart of NY, a place from whence delicate and incricate colorful floral renditions are created. Truly amazing to be taken through the proccess from start to finish, from the place where flowers have been produced over the years, for famous designers…making a particular splash as a result of exposure on the long running Sex in the City show.

From there to a delectable lunch and informative 2012 Trend and Style report at Stylesight….and from there right to Material Connexion, an amazing  international material resource library, showcasing literally thousands of materials..

and from there  to the New York Design Center, specifically to tour the newly opened 1st Dibs Showroom…. over 30,000 feet of product, as represented by assorted businesses which also have their product available in one large/growing convenient online location, called, yes, 1st Dibs.

The tour was hosted by Traditional Home Magazine’s  art and antique editor,  Doris Athineos and Jon Walker, their home furnishings manager….

Enjoyed chatting up with Jon as I hobbled through the showroom….sharing with him my long time affilitiation with Suysel Cunningham, of  the design team of Tilton Fenwick, who recently enjoyed accolades from Traditional Home as one their top 20 designers, AND, designed the Traditional Home vignette for recent Design on a Dime, fundraising event, see details in the Material Girls blog,  AND which Antiques by Zaar contributed a etagere, as shown in above photo, that sold immediately. Wonderful on all fronts!

Further, it was an absolute delight to meet in person Doris Athineos, who readily recalled the 2008 article she produced, “It’s Good To Be Ching”, which Antiques by Zaar was part of said feature.

Needless to say this visit was highlight of the day…but it wasn’t over yet….

It would be off to not only visit the newly opened Lillian August store, but to have a cocktail reception, followed by an indepth view into how it all came to be and the exciting things ahead. Thank you to Skye Kirby, VP of Stores and Marketing….it was more than informative, it was delightful…and I look forward to following the further growth of this inspiring creative entity.

…. group dinner at City Crab, was a wonderful wonderful way to cap off the night of our “inside design” event, which we ALL gushed about respectively over delectable seafood dishes.

Thank you WITHT, for orchestrating this… and in particular Betty Lyn Eller and her committee, Jana Platina-Phipps, Deborah Klein, Laura Newman, Janine Finkle and Katie Mutushak.

Speaking for myself, my enthusiasm as an ambassador for WITHIT, has been fueled….my insight into Design has been enhanced, and my passion for what I do and the people I’m able to meet as I go about my business, spur me on.

Yes, I am on fire. Thank you, thank you thank you. This is my recap/testimonial, and I invite other event attendees to offer same as we spread the WITHIT word and grow our numbers….each and every member offering something special, one to the other. All good.


P.S. Limited photos as was constricted to using the camera on my phone, travelled light, but check out what I did garner, here, on my facebook page.

I can’t believe that it’s been 7 years since I’ve been wending my way to High Point NC for the Furniture Market….and my delight in being present there for my business there simply continues to grow.

Am thrilled to say that I, and many others that I talked to as well, had a wonderful Market….what great news that is to spread!

But High Point Market is so much more than a venue for buyers and sellers to converge and do business, and part of my growing delight has been in the programs that are offered and the insight I gain in the industry by attending such.

Only recently came aware of the fact that there is a pre Market kick off  Prayer Breakfast prefacing each Market.  The fact that Kathy Ireland was the guest speaker a couple of years ago was admittedly what had enticed me to attend the 7:00 am program, yes, ouch,  the first time.  This year I waffled on going but in the end did and was delighted and inspired by the key-note speaker’s presentation as put forth by Aminy Audi, president of Stickley Furniture….a struggling brand that she and her husband took over in 1976, and breathed new life into. She , as businesswoman, philanthropist, educator, mother and wife, was  the

package deal….real, warm, engaging, humorous, spiritual, enormously respected, and inspirational. Yes, glad I got myself out of bed for that early morning presentation.

The breakfast meeting that I won’t miss attending is that which is sponsored by WITHIT. This is a double win as not only is there always a great speaker, but it is a chance to give hugs all around, to my fellow WITHIT members, which I am sure to see there. Read WITHIT Market recap here.

This year, designer and author Thomas Jayne, was the guest speaker…engaging his audience fully as he highlighted various rooms in his recently published book, which were available for to purchase and be autographed following said presentation.

                                              Click image to go directly to Amazon to purchase your copy of “The Finest Rooms”

You can also count on IFDA sponsoring a luncheon/speaker that delights and commands a full house. This year it would be TV designer/personality  Ty Pennington who blew in and kept his audience , small compared to the millions he draws on during his Extreme Home Makeover’s, enthralled.

and MUST include here a note regarding the most recent episode  of Extreme Home Makeover, I watched with my husband, where the  Carl Hall family of Wichita KS , had their life turned upside down when the husband/father of 4 was injured in a car accident a year ago, rendering him completly paralyzed from the shoulder’s down. Not upside right, but monumental strides made by the Extreme Team, coupled with that of a very supportive and loving community, was put in place to improve the lot of this family, and witnessing this all was touching to say the least.

Attending these events is a recent “icing on my cake” part of Market for me. The after hour events have always been a must do,at minium for food and drink to fuel on,  part of Market as well …the trick being deciding which of the many that are slated, to attend, as they are always a great venue to meet and greet…fellow exhibitors, past customers, those people that we count on to do all the behind the scenes work to “make” Market happen, as well as new people.

Aaron Cabeen of Cabeen Originals, falls into the latter catagory, being a young gentleman from Chatanooga TN, who I was introduced to by John Strauss, of John Strauss Furniture, who I initially “met” on Twitter, and have since fostered a friendship, and who now has a sampling of his product in the ZAAR Design Center!

This was a debut Market for Cabeen Originals and having a piece stage centre on the Market edition of Home Accents Today certainly added to his “entree” to High Point Market. How to go Aaron!

…and as I shared with Aaron,Antiques by Zaar enjoyed a HATcover as well, as shown here, in October 2006. Thank YOU HAT folks! 

NOTE: That little green console shown here was THE hot hot item for me this Spring 2011 Market…selling even the stock that has not yet arrived!

This is but a wide swoosh of all that transpired during this most recent “6 Days that Matter”….and now that I have shared this with my virtual world I can go on with the many, ok, too many, things that I have burning a fire under me, that are exciting developments for Antiques by Zaar.

Suffice it to say….the showroom looked great…. and those that visited enjoyed viewing not only my collection but also samplings from Fortunata, Touchwood, Bellascenda and Kat Burki, the feeling all about was up beat, and even with a wide range of temperatures outside, the pervasive tone was warm and enveloping.

Feel free to visit Market and ZAAR Design Center by checking out some photos here. AND, if you didn’t get to see us during Market, don’t sweat it, as we are open year round…9:00-5:00 the 2nd Wed of every month, or by appointment.

Thanks to ALL who are part of what makes the High Point Furniture Market a great event!


I was first drawn to this photo by the usage of the Chinese cracked ice carved screens, but then saw yet another great application of a straightlined console in place.

The dark tone of wall, floor and console merged such that there was a seamless transition from floor to wall, including this accent piece of furniture to serve as home for fresh flowers, drawing your eye to that single pop of color. Effect is lovely.

So, yes, some people, like those that inhabit this Manhatten apartment, featured in Elle Decor, March 2010, starting on page 129, it was a love of Asian arts and culture that spurred the design team of Roman and Williams to infuse the apartment just so.

Referring again to the Top 10 Console List, page 67 same issue, a High Console in metal by Bottega Veneta, I can’t help but, again, although not referenced in the comments on this particular console, see the parellell in style from the Chinese version, or is it more aptly put that this is a version of the original Chinese?, as shown above…..and as shown in pieces below, that I have available in my collection.

View this, and all other items en route on latest shipment, by clicking here.

BD 10 black lacquer console can be found on my website here.

…..and CC 26, and all other consoles can be found by clicking here.

Thanks for letting me share this with you…..


It would be again that Elle Decor, this time the March 2010 issue,  would serve me well as backdrop for what I was looking for by way of drawing parallels with my beloved Asian antiques.

And in this issue Designers Elaine Griffin, Antiques by Zaar customer since 2005, and Todd Alexander Romano, were called on for input on, you got it, the Top 10 Console Tables.

Of the Preston Console Table, by Jonathan Adler, and which Elaine is perched on in above photo, says Romano  “This is a classic design with a twist. It recalls a traditional Chinese altar table, but being wrapped in mock croc give it a bit of whimsy.”

And Elaine quips on the Murry Console, shown here, by Duane Modern, “Cute!. The rounded leg and lip recall T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, but the chinoiseire apron gives it an Asian flair.”

It is beginning to see that even in “non Asian” pieces, such as these modern consoles, that there remains an influence of Asian…just seems no escaping it.

These tables are lovely in their modernity, but should you enjoy the allure of having an antique in place, then you might want to know you can consider such, rather affordably I might add, at, yes, shamelessly  promoting here, Antiques by Zaar… below customers have done.

Cynthia Mason Interiors,  Happy Antiques by Zaar customer since February 2008,  considers the style used here as “neo traditional” , blending fresh ideas with time-honored elements.

And in the words of Kevin Mac Nair, Antiques by Zaar customer since March 2009…

“ I had been looking for years for the right piece to accent my foyer, and purchased this classic console in 2010 online from Antiques by Zaar….and all I can say is that it is simply perrrrrrfect!

It’s sleek yet sophisticated styling is cheerful and welcoming with a fantastic blend of warm sienna and ochre, with just a hint of orange. Its statement is at once austere yet powerful with its’ appetizingly, massive thick top.

 I’ve  complemented it with a hand-carved,18th century 22 carat, gilt & stippled Florentine mirror in an area where guests may find some extra closet space to hang a coat or sweater, etc. I absolutely LOVE my console!”

Thanks Ruth~~

and thank you Kevin.

Of course we have a delightful selection of Chinese consoles in our collection, available to you for your shopping pleasure. Click here to view all.

P.S. A seperate blog on consoles which feature drawers will be forthcoming…

Click here to read a previous blog posting on Cynthia Mason Interiors, formerly Interiors Decorating Den, and Antiques by Zaar.

Click here to read a previous blog posting re my ongoing relationship with Elaine Griffin.

…and if you google Elaine Griffin, Todd Alexander Romano and Cynthia Mason Interiors you will surely be impressed by the many magazines they’ve been featured in, the accolades given them and the numerous blogs written about them.

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