Just love love love how my world keeps getting smaller and larger,  all at the same time…

Designer Suysel Cunningham first shopped Antiques by Zaar in 2005….for the clients of her then employer, Markham Roberts, and also for herself personally.  And during the past 5 years, while she commited to her new role as mother, I would keep her abreast of our activities by way of our online newsletter….

You can imagine my delight when I received an email from Suysel a couple of months ago, asking, first if I remembered her…yes, of course! and then about a piece for a client…to find that she had re entered the working world as a designer, but this time for herself, with best friend Anne …forming the newly established and widely touted NY based design firm Tilton Fenwick.

It wouldn’t take the folks at Traditional Home magazine long to start paying attention to the work of Tilton Fenwick, not only picking them as one of 20 top designers for 2011, but  further, having them design the Traditional Home sponsored vignette at the recent, fabuously successful,  Design on A Dime fundraising event supporting New Yorks Charity Housing Works.

Antiques by Zaar was thrilled to contribute to said event by way of a etagere that was part of the “design bloggers dream office”a piece which sold readily, yeah!

For additional photos/press on ALL contributions to the Design on A Dime event, visit the most impressive press page of Tilton Fenwick…great photos/great insight/great inspiration.

So, yes, Traditional Home is certainly a fan of Tilton Fenwick…placing them with 19 other expressive and impressive designers.

It is now time for the general public to cast their vote for who they feel merits the postion of TOP Designer for 2011…and thus, the voting begins…or should I say, has started, and is going on until July 12!

It’ easy,  and you can vote DAILY until 7/12.  Click here, to view the entire line up and here to specifically cast your vote for Tilton Fenwick, as I have done, and intend to do numerous times…with great joy.

…oh, and did you hear, Traditional Home continues to work with Tilton Fenwick, as they’ve  invited the design team to do a room for the Southampton Showhouse this summer. Go girls! Can’t wait to visit

Personally I couldn’t be more thrilled to have fostered relationships with both Tilton Fenwick and Traditional Home, over the past several years, and look forward to growing such in years to come.

a little of my past presence in Traditional Home

In October 08, we were featured in an article “It’s Good To Be Ching”.…and last week, during my WITHIT Inside Design tour, which I gushed about here,  I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Art and Antique editor Doris Athineos, who produced this article…felt like I was meeting an old friend.

April 2010 we were again included with a feature on designerKat Burki, who had placed an Antiques by Zaar piece in that years Southampton showhouse. Blogged about that here.

It is so inspiring to me to be working with designers of such acclaim, and such an honor to be affiliated with them in a publication that serves its audience so well…yes, in print.

To our continuous future.


P.S. Don’t forget to vote at Traditional Home for TiltonFenwick.