abyzaar trad homeYou can’t imagine my delight when I received this sweet tweet from Suysel Cunningham, advising me of the inclusion of Antiques by Zaar in the most recent article produced by Traditional Home announcing the new  fabric line put out by Tilton Fenwick for Duralee. pg 34-35.

In an accompanying email it was evident that Suysel was excited for this exposure for my collection/wanting me to know that Antiques by Zaar would be listed as a resource within the pages of the magazine. Here she was introducing a new fabric line and taking the time to ensure I was tuned into this publicity for my business?!

This personableness is further reflected in how Suysel and Anne chose to name many of their fabrics for the people that have supported their business…ie Quintessence fabric being named after the blog with that same name as penned by Stacey Bewkes. See her comprehensive blog here, on the Tilton Fenwick fabric line intro.

So, congratulations to Suysel and Anne, being the tilton fenwick-the gals“shooting  stars” that you have been in the few short years of your collaboration….notably acknowledged by TradHome back in May, 2011, and which I wrote about here, along with my own history being on the pages of  Traditional Home magazine, which begins with inclusion in the 2008 article, “Its Good to be Ching”  ..and more specifically for this most recent accomplishment where you simply continue to shine…and with so much style!

My own association with Tilton Fenwick does go back a ways…to the time when Suysel was working for Markham Roberts, when she landed online at Antiques by Zaar  for her project work, and delightfully so, for herself personally as well.  That takes us back to 2005, when she purchased the classic black sideboard featured in the article, where the teams fabric line is so beautifully showcased and the sideboard serves as a relevant accent to complement the ensemble.

Tilton Fenwick- abyzaar copy

From that beginning, where we were introduced by way of our mutual love of Chinese Antiques, followed by a few chatty calls, we have continued to  maintain a salient presence in each other’s lives for these 9 years!  and a friendship has evolved as our paths continue to cross….

…for adding a “touch of Asian” to their decorating schema s is something the team leans towards, as is  apparent from the various projects they have had published, and which  I’ve happily had a hand in and which I’m equally happy to share a smattering of here…

Purposing a Chinese Kitchen Cabinet as a linen cupboard in a bathroom….this trend written  about in my blog posting entitled, Chinese Armoires in the Bathroom? Mais Oui.

tilton fenwick-kitchen cabinetbathroom

Using a Chinese Book/Display case (and porcelain stool) in their well received showroom, a bloggers office,  for the popular  NYC fundraiser Design on a Dime, and written about here.

Tilton Fenwick

…and again, at the usage of a porcelain stool, in their Southampton 2012  Show house of which I included in a blog posting, quipping how These Gals are EVERYWHERE.


Again, congratulations and continued success to this dynamic duo. Happy  to be a part of your world and look forward to many more years of collaboration, and, yes, friendship. Just LOVE how such wonderful people come into my world by way of my business. Great stuff!


If you haven’t purchased your copy of the most recent Traditional Home you can see  the full article at this link…Tilton Fenwick- Trad Home


…. in an entry or  hallway,  a living room, dining room or bedroom. Yes, a Chinese Sideboard could just be that which serves you well….   Just check out below how some of my Antiques by Zaar customers have so beautifully worked them into their decorating schemas. …going to have to call this my “touch of Asia” series eh…first window screens and now sideboards.



and if you think a Chinese Sideboard might be what will work for you/your client, be sure to check out the entire selection available at Antiques by Zaar by clicking here.

Look forward to hearing from you….


The business model for Antiques by Zaar was built around the notion that people were drawn to do their shopping  online…yes, even for Chinese Antique Furniture. That was in 2000 and happy to say we called it right.  For the  past 11 years we have continued on in this vein, using our website to serve as our only storefront, building  relationships/our business, creating a niche market for our competitively  priced line of quality Chinese Antiques.  Thank you to ALL of you that have taken the plunge and shopped with us online!!!!

Ruth & Jeff after a day of sorting out the warehouse in readiness for Market.

However, even when we had our warehouse in Maine, we always welcomed the customer that desired to come and see for themselves, what was represented online. And the same remains true with our warehouse now located in High Point NC. Yes, with the assistance of my sales associate Jeff Moore, who is based in Greensboro, we are able to entertain appointments for those that still like to “touch and feel” before they purchase.

Babette Glauner of Pinehurst NC, was just one of those that fell in this category. She writes…

“I  found Antiques by Zaar on the internet while searching for Chinese antiques.  Former expat experience, Golden Retriever puppies and obviously family-oriented people...looks like she read our story…. all drew me to the website as well as the wonderful assortment of furniture and Asian accents.  When my husband gave the go-ahead to look for a few new pieces to furnish our retirement home I remembered Ruth in High Point, 1 1/2 hours away.

The piece Babette spotted online was indeed perfect for her, as shown here in her home.

The antiquesbyzaar website is well-organized and depicts the offerings very well, but as long as I was close by, I contacted Ruth to see if I could see my possible choices in person.  She was warm from the start, very accommodating and arranged a time to meet at the warehouse, now the Design Center.  What a treasure trove it is!  It was hard not to want to toss out everything I had and start anew right there!  But sense prevailed and in no time Ruth and I were chatting like old friends and I had selected the piece I had come for plus another whose possibilities jumped out at me once I saw it.  Jeff Moore, Ruth’s cohort, also was very helpful, never pressuring but guiding me to all of the variations of whatever I expressed an interest in.  It’s easy to see that both women really know and enjoy their merchandise.”

Thank you Babette, for this wonderful testimonial. It was a delight to meet you as well, and enjoy staying in touch with you by way of email/newsletters, and the such.

For those that may be interested in visiting our warehouse, please just let me know and we’ll make the arrangements.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are moving next month, even closer to the heart of High Point…for those of you familiar with High Point, it is in the old Drexel Heritage Factory, which is at 741 West Ward. So very excited!

P.S. I also wrote a blog on Babette’s decorating mantra Eclectic= Interesting: Chinese, American and French Antiques….

….in Pinehurst North Carolina… that place where Babette Glauner  found herself setting up the couples “retirement” home following a 5 year stint as expatriates in Japan….and in need of “one more piece”, that being black sideboard shown here,  for her dining room.

Yes, she found the perfect sideboard, with us at Antiques by Zaar, and more…

She expounds so well on why she thinks this works perfectly  in her schema and her general decorating philosophy. ..please read on.

The simple lines of the black buffet across the great room don’t jump out and say “Chinese” but I think it seems to blend with the Japanese screen hung above it and the French armoire not too far away.  The tilt-top table and cherry and walnut side tables in the room are definitely earlier American pieces, but somehow the mix seems to work.

I am using a Tibetan painted cabinet as a large-screen television console, and many of my visitors don’t know anything about its origin but they love it.  The blended colors and pattern really draw the eye down from that big black screen that I had been a little reluctant to have in the room.


      I thought that might conclude my Asian furniture shopping, but some remodeling left a gap in a powder room, a space that needed something special.  For the 2nd time, I made the trek to High Point, to visit my new friends at Antiques by Zaar,  and a 10″ deep, three drawer desk in acid green seemed like it would be perfect, and it was. 

I like to think that my home is a reflection of our interests and experiences, and in that way the Asian pieces fit in very well, but I don’t think you have to have lived or traveled to Asia to appreciate Chinese antiques.

Eclectic to me equates interesting….. I read once that every room needs some black and also that no matter the nationality, if your wood furniture pieces are of a similar hue, they will work together – that’s my decorating credo and I am sticking to it!

THANK YOU Babette, for sharing a philosophy that I tend to agree to myself, AND for the accompanying photos.


P.S. Babette also provided a lovely testimonial for Antiques by Zaar which I look forward to including in a separate post…

.and, the story of a  happy Antiques by Zaar customer/friend .

Katherine Kovins found Antiques by Zaar online in 2006, as she and her husband, Thom Janusz, were working  on furnishing their new Long Island home.  Wanting a Chinese sideboard, to serve as a bureau in their bedroom, was the initial impetus to shop my site.

...looking great in the, main floor, dining room.

She honed in on a beautiful, rich wood toned sideboard which she knew to be perfect in all ways for her boudoir, less the fact that this beauty, gloriously long at 100″, would not manage its way up the stairwell…no way, no how.  Katherine found a solution to her problem…. she would make a place for this piece on the main floor of her new home, in her dining room, and buy a 2nd sideboard to serve her purposes in her 2nd floor bedroom….which worked beautifully, per photos shown here.

...and Katherine looking perfect beside the sideboard that did make it up the stairs to their boudoir.

Katherine continued shopping for accent pieces from Antiques by Zaar, such as the mirror shown here,  to complement the many other Asian pieces of furniture and artifacts that she and her husband had already gathered over the years.

This past February I so very much enjoyed the tour of their home, see some pix here….I simply didn’t take enough photos..think I was in such a state of “awe”   graced as it was, with a delightful infusion of Asian furniture and artifacts throughout…beautifully placed to maximize vantage points. It truly was akin to walking through a museum, and I, the lucky gal that was given a personalized tour by the impassioned purveyors of fine treasure after fine treasure.

In Katherine’s words…”You can say that my husband and I have always loved the Asian decor as it lends peace and tranquillity to the home. We love the beauty and simplicity of Asian art and antiques.”

Thom, a renowned sculptor, showcases Asian sculptures, admist his own creative works...each complementing the other.

Couldn't resist having my pic taken in the elevator, which yes, is accented with Asian themed wallpaper.

Following this delightful visit of their home, which they have obviously poured themselves into, we continued our chat fest at the lovely Mill Pond House in Centerport, NY….where I learned more about the colorful and acclaimed backgrounds of my customers come friends….and left feeling fully infused with a heavy dose of ” peace and tranquility”, wending my way back to Great Neck, smiling from the inside out.

Thank you, Katherine and Thom, for coming into my world, by way of sharing a warmth and love for Asian antiques/artifacts. Thank you for sharing your home and your selves…and treating me to a sumptuous lunch, on that glorious February afternoon.  Thank you for giving me something so great to share with my world.


Meg Braff, of Meg Braff Interiors

Meg Braff, the heart, soul, and name behind New York based Meg Braff InteriorsAND happy Antiques by Zaar customer since October 2007, has recently had her work featured in the December 2010 issue of Coastal Living…a project where she did what she loves to do…infuse a bit of Asian into the schema.

In her own words 

 ” I love using Asian pieces in my projects. They add warmth and style to the space. They also mix well with English and European furniture and give a wonderful sophisticated and eclectic look. “

Thrilled that Meg has established a relationship with Antiques by Zaar, and that as such, two of our bamboo pieces, namely a bamboo altar table, and bamboo coffee table, were poised to be part of her Bermuda Villa project, as is beautifully depicted here.

Below please enjoy further examples of  Meg accenting her rooms with a touch of Asian, followed by links to where you can find similar pieces on the Antiques by Zaar website.

Some great bookcases can be found here.

Click here to view what we have for consoles, and here for Chinese Antique Altar Tables.  

Click here to view Chinese Antique Sideboards available at Antiques by Zaar.

Click here to see what we have to offer in Chinese Antique Coffee Tables.

Click here to view our collection of Chinese Antique Chairs.

Thank you Meg…..

for allowing me to share these photos with my audience of readers and look forward to  working with you further on your projects, as a source for your touch of Asian.


P.S. If you want to read more on Meg’s Bermuda makeover, you should check out the wonderful and warm Manner of Style blog, dated 12/3.


Ever versatile Chinese art deco desk used as bedside. (Minta Bell's 1st abyzaar purchase.)

October 2005, Minta and Amy of Minta Bell Design, first visited Antiques by Zaar in our then Market Square showroom.

...and her most recent purchase, a red lacquered sideboard to anchor the dining room in this model home.

Since then the relationship has been fostered by repeated visits during Market, some chatty phone calls in between Markets, and additional purchases of Chinese pieces to serve as accents in her decorating schemes, as they do so…well, so well.

The relationship has always been warm, friendly and professional. I couldn’t be happier that Minta Bell has come to count on Antiques by Zaar, comfortable now to buy from photos alone, as a source for thier touches of Asian….and look forward to seeing them at Market this week….

Be sure to check Minta’s website and also her blog Insights: Musings on Interior Designs…worth the visit/read.


P.S. …quite by accident discovered that Minta is friends with none other than Kris and Kathy Coupland of Vanderveer Imports…yes, the same Vanderveer that is showing in Zaar Design Center this Market. My, my world is getting smaller and smaller every day.

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