13 years ago we moved our family of preteens  from Taichung Taiwan to New Gloucester Maine. Although the children were all Americans, they had only ever visited the U.S., with previous residences being in Ontario Canada and Bangkok Thailand, and were excited for the move State Side, specifically to the bit of God’s Great Earth we had purchased at 301 Peacock Hill Rd in New Gloucester, Maine.

Our 8 years in Asia had been good for the family, and it was a natural  for us to fill our home with items that reminded us of our travels and lives in Asia….and with a smattering from Haiti as well, where hubby and I met/lived for several years pre kids.  Our kids only realized how “different” their home was when friends would come over and oogle over what they simply knew as part of their expatriate heritage.

I’m pleased with the feeling that was evoked with the preponderance of the Asian touch…ok, a little more than just a “touch” of Asian I must admit…in our country home. In part because I feel that it is what having Asian pieces worked into your decor does, and in part because it represented a part of the world that was, and remains relevant to us as a family. For me,decorating with items that evoke memories enhanced by items that just look good is the perfect mix for making a house a home….

Antiques by Zaar, the family business of importing/selling Chinese Antiques, was established in 1999, and has continued to give us opportunity to keep our Asian connection alive….not to mention give me a treasure trove of items to choose from to place in our home. 🙂  It’s such a joy to have this venue in place to serve as a continuance of our Asian experience which started in 1991 with our move to Bangkok, when kids were a ripe 4,2 and 1, and to serve as a venue for me to be part of a world of people that, were it not for the business, I wouldn’t ever have known. Not to mention it’s pretty cool to be running an online antique business from a Maine farmhouse. My neighbors got a kick out of that.

Yes, 301 Peacock Hill Rd has not only been our home, where we raised our kids, and bunches of golden retrievers, it has also been the corporate headquarters for Antiques by Zaar. And after 13 years we are moving on , specific address to be determined, but can advise we have honed in on Eastern Shore of Maryland…giving way for another family of 3 pre teens to make their memories here, and to make this home theirs, with their own mix of treasures.


P.S. For a peak at how the house looked before we came in to make it “ours” take a glance at the photos in this album….yes, same place but quite a different look.