zaarlogo215 years ago, when setting up the template for the Antiques by Zaar website, it was a no brainer that red, such an important color in the Chinese culture, would be integral in the presentation of my company.

ruth-new-wheels1And as I am integral to this company, it became natural for me to bring red into my wardrobe/accessories more than I might have otherwise….and even going to the point of  buying a red car! It just seemed to make sense.


As years have gone by red has definitely evolved to be not only a color I identified with because of my business, but has become one of my favorite colors, as I feel it quite simply, as I’ve stated in the subject line….that it is a Happy Color.


I feel good wearing red.  I love red accents in my home…be it on my Libby Langdon sectional sofa, shown here with my family over Christmas Holiday, or the red painted on my bedroom walls.

2013-12-24 07.14.48


2014-12-23 22.07.04And now I’ve determined it to be the signature color for all my mailings. Whether it is a catalogue, leather samples, or thank you card, it will come to you in a red envelope. I know a red envelope would stand out in my mailbox from all other 2014-12-30 15.45.06incoming mail and I like the idea of the attention I anticipate it drawing when the recipient of my mailings opens their box.  No, never any bad news in a red envelope from yours truly.


I am not alone in my love of the color red, as is evident by the customers that have purchased  red pieces and used in a myriad of decorating schemes….

….as Anthony Michael Interior Design did with a Chinese Antique daybed…

AMichael-LP2550_GuestBedroom resized


….or Designer Cynthia Mason accented an entryway in a clients home…

sideboard red cynthia mason


…or how my customers, who worked independent of a designer, found a home for a spot of red themselves….

rai peterson

betty whitehead 1











…and even used a red velvet chesterfield sofa stage center.

dc michelle 4

No, I am far from alone in my love of the color red and enjoy seeing the bold, and even the subtle, ways red is being incorporated into the homes of my customers, infuses me and just makes me feel…well, happy.


ruth heart 1 And on that note, I sign off…until next time/hoping you had a good Valentine’s Day weekend.


P.S. Should you want to share how you use red in your decorating, I would love to see and share.