I LOVE starting a fresh journal and 2012 marks the  6th year for keeping a daily journal… a practise which has become so much a part of me that my day just isn’t quite complete until I fill a page with my thoughts on the day that has just passed.

In addition to this daily journal, which is “tidy” in that it is in a bound book, and has a confined space to scribe my notes for the day, I also have journals that hold more in depth entries, that I tend to write when flying somewhere, and I have scads of “notes” scattered throughout the pages of assorted notebooks/daily minders and simply on scraps of paper that I happen upon.

The below comments on “LIFE” are just such a scribbled note to myself, and with my handwriting, this is one serious scribble,  that I came upon stuffed in the back end of   my new daily minder for 2012. It “appeared”  to me as I was about to shut down for the night, hoping for inspiration for this blog to come after a rest…and so, I am just kind of sort of feeling that it was these words that are what I am meant to share with you in my Launch Blog for 2012.

Life… is the one word I wrote, with the below listed out.

to give, grow, learn and love

to use stumbling blocks as stepping stones

to offer comfort and solace

to be caring and understanding

to give it my best shot

to Laugh from my Heart

to show Spirit

to know that there is Power in One Good Soul

to respect People and Life itself

to Smile from the inside out


to be Blessed and be a Blessing.

….and so, with sharing these words here I can toss that  messy sheaf of paper, dated 9/24/10, finish up my cupo tea, lightly laced with amaretto, have a soothing tub, and make my daily journal entry, calling it not only a day, but a Good Day!