Last week I shared, in this blog,  my “Life” words. And here I just want to share with you one more missive on “words” for my year, and then it’s full steam ahead….

The concept of capsulizing  in a handful of words what I resolve to prioritize for my New Year is something I’ve done for the past 3 years now…a practice I find more useful than resolutions, per sea . For instance, in 2011 I honed in on Focus, Presence and Growth,  and which I wrote about in this blog….2010 was  Structure and Discipline, although in retrospect the 3 words that would best describe the “essence” of that year would be determination, ownership and accountability…the year before that was Responsibility (at ALL levels)…you get the drift.

These words are not to be simply replaced with new words, but more so relevant words are grabbed onto to couch the essence of the priority for the year…each years words serving to build up from one year to the other….with continuity of  “Spirited Vision” being the constant that serves well to make Life more a continuum than a series of ends and beginnings….at least that’s the way I like to look at it.

Before moving onto 2012 I feel the need to ponder just some of the landmarks for me this past year…things that I could grab onto and say, “hey, I did that and it mattered in my world. yeah me!”

This can be as simple, but certainly relevant, particularly after I got over the issues of adjusting to each change , as the fact that in 2011 I  upgraded all computers, data base systems and accounting/credit card processing software.  Or the unanticipated but opportunistic, move of my High Point NC warehouse this past August, to a location that really hits it on the mark, and where I am happy to call HOME to my inventory and also the evolving ZAAR Design Center…which, by the way, now has grown to have 8 partners showing with Antiques by Zaar!  Or that my participation in the blogging world was acknowledged by my peers at WITHIT, who asked me to moderate a round table on blogging at their annual conference last August. Or, on a personal level, that a decision was made, and acted on,  to sell the family home, after 12 years, in Maine, AND to that end had it listed just prior to Thanksgiving.  I know there is so much more,  but these are some of the building blocks laid last year that serve as foundation for this next year.

And so, with this backdrop I share with you here  my 3 benchmark words for 2012.


…my Self, my Family, my Friends, my Business, my Vision, my Talents, the Gift of Life I’ve been Given, the Opportunities that come my way….the renewed Commitments I’ve made to ALL of the above manifested by Being True to All and Living a Life that is one of diligent steadfastness…and fun!


….or “trust”  in My Self, in the goodness of those around me that are there to Love and Support me, in the Value of  My Commitment and the Gift given from Hard Work…BELIEVING that my efforts will be Honored and that it is simply for me to do the work and BELIEVE that I will be compensated accordingly… And that it is Mine for the Making And Taking.


Who and what is stopping me? Can be painfully honest here and say it is ME. Yes, the economy has participated in offering challenges to me and my business/life…but, nuts and bolts is that it comes down to ME, what I do, what I HONOR, what I BELIEVE, what I FOCUS on, how I make my PRESENCE known and what I do to foster my GROWTH….see, last years words all here 🙂 ….and, as simple as it sounds, Believing that “It Is Achievable” gives me no out, as, that it is!

...more words, as gifted to me by my daughter.

A tall order here….this blueprint to help me plot and plan and move into 2012… with  the effervescence of all these wonderful encouraging and inspiring sentiments couching my every move.

2012. Bring it on!


P.S. …and if you have words you’d like to share that serve you well for this coming year…I’m all ears.