2013-02-21 16.59.02I have just returned home to Maryland for a few short days before hitting the road again next week. I would be remiss in not capsulizing what was an incredible trip that made most question my sanity when advised what my schedule was…. to be at Unity in NC and 2 days later in FL, prepping for my first 1/2 marathon. Frankly, it was empowering enough in and of itself…the fact that I actually made it work logistically.

But on a deeper level…

As a member of the High Point Design Center, since 2008, I have attended the February Unity in Design event each year.hpdc new logo bar

hpdc unity 2013

For a quick primer on what this event is all about, I akin it to a mini Market. Member showrooms are open for the 2 day event which is geared specifically to designers, who are also treated to breakfasts, lunches and networking cocktail parties, for the duration…not to mention a solid roster of educational events relevant to the industry.

 It is one of the 4 times/year that I KNOW I will be in High Point, the other 2 being the High Point Furniture Market and the 4th being the annual WITHIT Leadership Conference.  I  attend to promote both of my businesses, Antiques by Zaar and ZAAR Design Center, the former which serves as anchor for the latter.  And each time I leave High Point after said event, I do so with a warm glow, knowing I did right by my biz to be there.  For not only is it a good opportunity to draw in new customers, it is also a great opportunity Unity elvesfor me to connect at a deeper level with those that are working, as am I, to foster a year round business to the trade, in High Point. I am energized by this commitment we share and the way in which we serve to support each other AND the needs of our customers….more on this on ZAAR Design Center blog that will roll out following this missive.

2013-02-20 16.27.37 UNITY 2013 was the perfect time for ZAAR  to launch the introduction of our newest Trade Partner, Sans Souci Sisters. With all the warm fuzzies about it seemed the perfect opportunity  to inaugurate the permanent presence of Christmas @ ZAAR. Yes, Sans Souci Sisters are your GO TO workshop to have one of a kind heritage and memory Santa Claus’s handcrafted to your specifications. Suffice it to say, we are ecstatic to have Kimberley and her heart warming Santa s as a permanent fixture at ZAAR.

Thank you to all that put out so much effort to make this entire event what it was….those that organized it and also those that came to take benefit of what was organized just for them. I truly feel it to be a  win win and why I tout it/support it/participate in it as I do.

So, fueled by all these positive juices I scurried out after the cocktail party/silent auction, that was organized to benefit the Sandbox organization, which by all counts was a smashing success, to make the 6 hour drive back to my new home in MD, just long enough to change suitcases, and catch a bus to NYC, where I would be meeting my daughter for what would be a “power up” of a different nature, in Orlando FL.

Yes, I would be changing up my business attire to a tutu, matching ones made by daughter Avery, and join over 25,000 others , over 22,000 of these being women, in the 5th annual Disney Princess 1/2 marathon, in support of the Leukemia/Lymphoma Foundation. Leave it up to my Disney Darling to add this to my bucket list… no, it wasn’t on it, but as a reasonably regular runner, not an unreasonable thing to ponder as something I would do….although the most I had ever done in the past was a 10 k. The prospect of doing it in a tu tu did take some of the seriousness out of the fact we were to complete 13.1 miles!

mom and aveThe energy of literally thousands of people, at 4:00 am, in the Disney Park, decked out in assorted costumes, yes,with a high preponderance of tu tus….including on several men, was something in and of itself amazing to be part of. So many people, EACH with their own goals, to meet by completing 13.1 miles, one way or the other. I could only vouch for what my goals were for this.

The obvious one was to simply complete it, and to that end I have been reminded that you really can do anything you set your mind to. Not going to lie, after doing a solid 8 miles without stopping, I did let my head start to get to me, and my attitude wasn’t the healthiest. Although I was determined NOT to walk over the finish line, my pace had pretty much deteriorated to what could be considered a fast shuffle.

And this  brings me to what was the greater goal of what participating in this meant to me, and that was to do something 2013-02-24 19.43.53big with my daughter, to create a memory for us to share. As such what puts the biggest smile on my face/warms my heart the most, as I recall this, is how my 22 year old, who was able to keep a clip faster than her old mother , remember, I had regressed to a fast shuffle. To her credit, for the best part of the run we were side by side,… during the last 1/4 mile, came back, urged me on, and as we crossed the finish line, reached over to grab my hand and raised our hands in united victory. THAT was the bomb!

On all counts it was  crazy to attempt to make it work logistically to be in NC Tues-Thurs, to meet in NYC to get to FL Sat for a Sunday event. But, each event was of import to me, and I felt merited the effort it would take to participate in both….and, at the other side of all of it, including the 3 hours it took to do 13.1 miles, I couldn’t be happier that I can say I DID IT!

I did what was right for me as a business owner, and then I did what was right for me as a mom.

So, yes, POWERED UP I am, and in the context of a UNITED Spirit…from my HPDC colleagues,  trade partners and customers in High Point, and by all those that determined to complete 13.1, but especially by my very own Disney Princess Avery.


P.S. If you have a thirst for more Disney marathon photos, feel free to visit this facebook album. 🙂