Dusting. Not a fan. And yesterday afternoon as I donned the duster and spray I moaned the fact that this had to simply be the epitome of working IN my business, not ON my business. What was up? Was I not making any kind of headway? Anyone can do this. How did I manage end up with duster in hand, doing THIS job? I was supposed to be concentrating on “big picture” stuff, not dusting!

But, there was no one else available…..at least not during the time I had allocated to do it. …and, per below, it appeared that I NEEDED this job, at this time, to put things into perspective, for that “big picture.”

NOTE: with the help I did have yesterday we, together, did the “heavy” ,thoughtful and relevant work of setting up the showroom, placing the new load of chesterfields and chairs that greeted me on my loading dock yesterday. Yes, we were looking pretty, but, still, sadly, dusty .


Was going to start in the back, as it seemed to be the dustiest, but then determined better to start at the front, for, IF I didn’t get the job100_2739 done (which I pretty much did…yeah me!) then at least when people entered they would feel welcomed straight away, and that was the start of a change of attitude.

What was I whining about? I expected people to come by and I wanted them to feel that we had prepared for their arrival, that they felt welcomed. I should be excited to dust, to anticipate, and yes, to welcome.

And so, to the drone of the fluorescent lights  I made my way through each of the 3 rooms of my 12,000 square foot showroom, putting out the welcome mat with each spray and swish….all the while in a rather communal state as  I reconnected with my purpose.

zaarlogo2Antiques by Zaar, my now 13 year old business of providing customers with beautifully hand picked treasures from China.  Antiques by Zaar, that business that has opened up my world to a bevy of people that I otherwise would never have met. Antiques by Zaar, that entity that I’ve chosen as the vehicle to give me voice. Antiques by Zaar, that anchor for the newer ZAAR Design Center.

ZDC_topAh, ZAAR Design Center. That vision of creating a collaborative showroom. ZAAR Design Center, a venue for companies to showcase their product all year round in High Point, not only during Markets but also in between….supporting the mission of the High Point Design Center.  ZAAR Design Center, that “address” for those that appreciate the value of a High Point address, with or without another showroom.  ZAAR Design Center, a warm place to do business with more than a handful of companies that have great product, represented by people of great substance.  ZAAR Design Center,  a good place to do business from and a good place to grow….together.


DSCN8193You might question is this for real? She went down this road while dusting?  I truly did and I felt so compelled to share this as it is simply yet another example of how an attitude change can altar your mindset for a job at hand.  Frankly, I think it surprised me that I got so reflective and full of “warm fuzzies” while dusting.  Yes, I hate dusting at the best of times (not quite as much as vacuuming and ironing though) and thus why I think it so relevant that I was able to Shift as I did. My mind was open to it and I allowed it, and it happened, and when I Ieft yesterday I did so with   knowing that when I opened the doors today that I, AND my guests, would most definitely feel WELCOMED, as I had prepared…and yes, dusted.