Sandy Jenifer/Ruth Olbrych: Brought together through Antiques by Zaar

Believe it or not I have been stymied, and the sad result is that I have neglected this wonderful venue of communicating with “you” (yes, blogging), the very many things/people I have a burning desire to share….such as my dear friend Sandra Jenifer (featured here)…whose friendship was ignited in 2002 when she went “hunting” for Chinese antiques online and found Antiques by Zaar/me.

The crazy thing is that although I have been chomping at the bit to share “our story” with y’all, I have let my concern over the “presentation” get in the way of  putting this out there.  I  so wanted to do justice to what Sandy represents to me and to my business and yet was concerned over not enough emphasis on the product and too much on the persons. I was being conflicted about doing what I knew I wanted to do…share what has been the “icing on my cake” in putting myself out there with an online business.   It is a transaction that initially brings us together. In her case continued shopping (she has purchased no less than 16 pieces from me over the course of the years) triggers further communications, supplemented by my monthly newsletters which usually incites a personal hi back and forth.  It is in this way that we have continued on.

 An example of our friendship goes back to  when she gave  me a call asking “did you know you were in the current issue of Home In Style magazine? “…which I wasn’t aware of (was in the throes of preparing for Market)  and was so touched that she thought to bring to my attention this free publicity, which would serve me well to promote, and which I did.

Sandy truly has a way to put it all together. She should go into business as a Designer, wouldn't you say?

Yes, I have LONG been wanting to publicly acknowledge the very many customers that I have that are Antiques by Zaar collectors/friends and no better person to launch this campaign of gratitude than Sandy.  She has patiently been with me throughout this and readily contributes to my “cause”. To that end she wrote a testimonial for my Galleria of Collectors ,  a section on my site where I want to feature the many folks that have purchased multiple pieces from me…as there are many. Although still in infancy stages Sandy does indeed have a presence there, although the handful of  photos she sent me to include don’t give any indication to the scope of her home which is truly a Galleria.

So, I am pleased that it worked for  me to visit her last month on my drive back to Maine from North Carolina, and as such not only had opportunity to photograph  her  Asian “Galleria”  (please enjoy slideshow of photos here) but also sit with her to tape a video testimonial, which she had previously agreed to do for me. (Can also view photos of her home..not in slideshow format, by clicking here, if your preference.)

I hope you enjoy this window into her home and into what makes me so very grateful for this business, which has, and continues to, open up my life to so many great things and more importantly so many great people.

P.S. Watch out. Now that I’ve gotten past the hurdle of how to present this (ie, just go with it Ruth) , there is so much more to follow. The floodgates are open!